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Just Gotta Scooter - Silly Scooter GrinOK, so you've pulled over, killed the engine, tugged off your helmet and gloves, sat down at your computer, and that big grin is still on your face. That's why we're here. 

JustGottaScoot.com is dedicated to the fun of scootering. We think it's very cool that something so practical and easy can be such a good time! The NEWS section of this site has recent and upcoming happenings and is where we will post website changes. The STUFF page will take you to our store where you can purchase COOL SCOOTER STUFF and will include links to places that we recommend. We ONLY post links to vendors we have ACTUALLY USED and believe offer a good value to their customers. In other words, no "paid advertisements" here. BLAH (as in blah, blah, blah) is the place to go if you are so into scooters that you don't mind the blathering of a confirmed scooter loony (me) and will include bios, stories, rides, pictures and other mindlessCLICK HERE to jump to our calendar of scooter-related events ramblings. LINKS is our page of "connections" to other sites. SEARCH allows you to (you guessed it) search our site. 

Thanks again for visiting, see you on the road. 

David Harrington

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Review of the Genuine Hooligan 170i ScooterReview of the Genuine Hooligan 170i Scooter
September, 2014
Just how capable can a small urban scooter be? Can a person have sporty handling, great brakes, quick acceleration, and practical functionality in one scooter? Yes, a person can. Can a person have this scooter in a wide assortment of bright, shiny colors? Nope. Can a scooter reviewer get over it and just accept the flat finishes on new scooters? That remains to be seen.... click here to read the review.

Genuine Stella Automatic Pending Recall on ECUGenuine Stella Automatic

July, 2014
We just received word from Genuine Scooters that a recall on the new Stella Automatic scooter is pending. The ECU has a potential issue that could cause the scooter to not start or to stall when running. The good folks at Genuine are on top of this and are already shipping replacement parts to dealers. Even though the recall has not been finalized, Genuine is doing their best to ensure that the issue is correctly as quickly as possible. If you own a Genuine Stella Automatic, contact your dealer right away to have your ECU replaced.

Review of the Lance Cabo 150 ScooterReview of the Lance Cabo 150 Scooter
June, 2014

Lance brings us another Taiwanese scooter (manufactured by SYM) that offers good quality, a great price and a whole mess of fun riding. Designed to be utilitarian and sporty, I rode the new Cabo 150 on roads all over St. Paul and off roads.... well... you'll have to read the review.

Cheapskate ScooteringCheapskate Scootering
May, 2014

Quite a few people have emailed, asking about cheaper choices for scootering. I thought it might be a good idea to post a few thoughts about this topic. Then I thought I should offer some suggestions of brands and models to look for. After that, I threw in a couple of thoughts on gear and other expenses. Pretty much goes without saying that this ended up being one LONG tirade on the topic of cheapskate scootering. DO NOT bother with this if you are easily bored.


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Thinking About a Low-End Chinese Scooter?

Horror story of building scooters in China

While there are certainly some decent Chinese brands (CFMoto comes to mind), there are a great many that are low-price, low-quality, and even low-safety. Click on the image above to hear how a British entrepreneur found out about the challenges of manufacturing in China. 

Messenger Bags and Backpacks for Scooter Motorcycle and Moped Riders
Looking for a better way to haul your stuff with you when you're on two wheels?
Check out Better Bags. They feature messenger bags and backpacks designed and made by Banjo Brothers (well-known in the pedal bicycle business). With outstanding function, great value and rider-based features these are the bags you've been searching for. 

CLICK HERE to go to the Just Gotta Scoot Podcast Archive Scooterfile.com with Nathaniel Salzmen GPS and Tires for Scooters with Bob Hedstrom of Scooterville

Second Car or Scooter?

My wife and I recently decided to get down to one car. We have scooters (more than any sane person would have) and just weren't using the second car very much. Getting our insurance renewal probably had a lot to do with this decision. We are lucky to live in a metro area with a very good public transit system and I ride a scooter to work as often as I can in any event. Click on the image above to open a spreadsheet to help you see if this might work out for you.

Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor Website
Yes, another cool site devoted to scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, just about anything with two wheels and a motor. Several Twin Cities locals have gotten together and started with some podcasts to spread the word: It doesn't matter WHAT you ride as long as you ride.

CLICK HERE to visit the Two Wheels and a Motor website

CLICK HERE For a Scooter Fuel Savings SpreadsheetWe often hear people talk about fuel savings making their scooter "free" to own. Can it be true? Click on the graphic to open or download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Fill in the light blue boxes and the spreadsheet does the rest!



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Messenger Bags and Backpacks for Scooter Motorcycle and Moped Riders