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2006 Motorcycle Show -Scooterville Booth

On Friday, Saturday & Sunday, February 3rd, 4th & 5th of 2006, the Motorcycle Show was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Yours truly was a volunteer in the Scooterville booth and after three days of non-stop talking (and sometimes shouting) I sound like Lurch from the Adams Family. The show was great fun, MotoPrimo had a scooter booth and Piaggio had a large display. The RollerGirls helped out at the Scooterville booth and even posed with The Evil Scooter Kitty:

Evil Scooter Kitty with Rollergirls

During one of my (all too infrequent) breaks, I stopped by MotoPrimo to visit my nephew Avery. He was working the Scooter booth, and rumour has it that he actually sold a Burgman 400 at the show. As you can see below, The Evil Scooter Kitty was getting into mischief on the new Morphous scooter.

Evil Scooter Kitty at Motoprimo booth

Several of the Minn-Max scooter club members gathered on Saturday to cruise the showfloor and grab a bite at Brit's Pub. I'm not convinced that there was any consensus about the new scooter models.... but I'm pretty sure we all agreed that riding weather couldn't come soon enough!

More pictures below:



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