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David L. HarringtonMindless Blatherings 

This page comes under the heading of "Don't Get Me Started" which (unfortunately for you) you have done by viewing this page. In all fairness, the "blah blah blah" contained here is not necessarily just mine. I am hoping to convince my wife and our friends to contribute and you may find your own ramblings here. Just email your stories, tall tales, and so forth to me and it is entirely possible that I will post them (by submitting your material, you agree to allow it to be posted on this site). 

Much of the material here is nothing more than my opinion and I would like to apologize in advance if any of it offends you. Oh, I'm not saying I'm sorry I offended you, I'm sorry you take things too seriously when they are not intended as such. 

The World of JustGottaScootThe World of JustGottaScoot.com
December, 2020
Yes it has been a LONG TIME since much of ANY attention was paid to this website. As we scoot away from 2020 toward a new year and you will see some updates and new content here. What happened? CLICK HERE to view  a summary of the state of the world according to JustGottaScoot.

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Why Did I Start This Site?

You know, I often ask myself questions like the one above. Frankly, I'm not all that clear on "why" I do a lot of things. In this particular instance, I think I can identify the "why" with reasonable clarity. As you may (or may not) have figured out from reading the ABOUT US material, I have recently refocused my riding activities on scooters. I believe this is because of "why" I ride (at this point in my life). Motorcycles and scooters have always provided me with a thrill. From the first fat-tire Honda to a number of crotch rockets, I find it exciting to ride. There's the thrill of speed, the thrill of risk, and the thrill of competition. Beyond that, there is the enjoyment of travel, the social fun of gathering in a group that shares an interest, and the whole man-machine thing. 

I ride for fun, economy, and relaxation. I used to ride for image as well. In a way, I still do. The difference is that I used to seek to express an image by virtue of my choice to ride and the machine that I chose to ride on. Now I enjoy the image that comes along with my riding choice through no effort on my part. Scooters, and people who ride them, are generally non-threatening, fun-loving and (dare I say it) cute. I freely admit that the "heroic" image of the sport-bike rider or the "tough" image of the cruiser had appeal for me, but people change. In the process of getting older (notice I did not say "growing up" or "maturing" which are things I'm sure I'm not doing) our priorities shift. I used to enjoy working on my motorcycles (and scooters), and I still do, just to a lesser extent. I want to ride more than I want to tinker. 

I still ride my motorcycles because I enjoy it. I just can't get all that worked up about any specific style of motorcycle or riding any more. If it's fun, great. I am thrilled by the wonderful economy of operating my scooters. I thoroughly enjoy the smiles, waves and honks. Perhaps most importantly, it doesn't matter how "bad" my day was at the office, if I ride my scooter home, I'll have a big grin on my face when I walk in the door. 

This site was started because I want to share the "just-gotta-scoot" feeling with like-minded people (you know who you are). I also hope to sell a few scooter-themed items, so visit our STUFF TO BUY page. If none of our designs appeal to you, let me know what you'd like to see. If it's at all possible, we'll create something for you. 

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