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This all started when I was looked for a scooter-themed T-shirt as a gift for a friend. I didn't want anything brand-specific as this particular friend was new to the joys of scootering and wasn't a Vespa/Lambretta/Honda/Kymco/Yamaha/etc. sort of person. There wasn't much out there. I started thinking that it might be fun to try marketing some scooter-related stuff. Those of you who know me, know that I have a history of starting businesses at the drop of a hat. This time, I'm keeping things small (to start) and offering several designs on apparel, coffee mugs, tiles, messenger bags, and so forth. 

I will add products as we grow. I will also add designs based on your feedback. Please let me know what you'd like to see and I'll do my best to put together something that works for you. 

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The Evil Scooter Kitty Goes Mod!

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We are bringing back the dark-coloured apparel in JustGottaScoot designs.

Some of you may remember that we tried this quite a while ago and the quality just wasn't there. Recently, a new process was put in place that promised much better quality. We tested some designs and ordered shirts (my nephew got a great dark blue one.... free I might add, sometimes it pays to have a weird Uncle) and they look very nice. We have modified our designs to work on dark colours and have updated the JustGottaScoot shop.  

"My Other Car is a Scooter" Bumper-Stickers Now Available

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NEW in the JustGottaScoot online store, bumper-stickers for your cage featuring many different scooter designs and colours. Click on the image above to visit the store and see all the bumper-stickers.

  The images below represent the designs that we currently have available. Hopefully, Vespa, Lambretta, Stella, Bajaj, Buddy, Joker, Symba, Cub, Vino, TN'G Venice, Milano, Metropolitan, C3, Zuma, SYM HD, Majesty, Burgman, Silverwing, Xciting, People, Reflex, Blur & Elite fans will find something they like (if I missed anybody, just let me know). Click on the image to see the available products.

                 Classic Scooter Apparel & Gifts  Honda Joker Gifts & Apparel  SYM Symba, Honda Cub Gifts & Apparel  Yamaha Vino Scooter Apparel & Gifts

Honda Metropolitain TNG Venice Apparel & Gifts  CLICK HERE to see our Yamaha C3 Scooter designs  Yamaha Zuma Apparel & Gifts  Click Here to jump to Just Gotta Scoot products for fans of the genuine Buddy Scooter  CLICK HERE to see our Vespa LX inspired designs

CLICK HERE to See Our Vespa ET Inspired Designs  Click Here for Evil Scooter Kitty products for fans of the Genuine Buddy Scooter  Evil Scooter Kitty Apparel & Gifts  Scooter Dog Puppy Apparel & Gifts

Scooter Frog Apparel & Gifts  Scooter Monkey Apparel & Gifts  Pink Scooter Apparel & Gifts  Evil Scooter Kitty Pink Apparel & Gifts

Real Men Kick Their Scooters  Scooter Chicks Kick It  Lambretta Scooter Apparel & Gifts  SYM HD125, HD200 Apparel & Gifts  CLICK HERE to see our Yamaha Majesty inspired designs          Suzuki Burgman Apparel & Gifts  Honda Silverwing Apparel & Gufts  Kymco Xciting Scooter Apparel & Gifts  Kymco People Apparel & Gifts

Honda Reflex Apparel & Gifts  Genuine Blur Apparel & Gifts  Honda Helix Apparel & Gifts  Honda Elite Apparel & Gifts

Places to Buy Stuff (All Actually Used By Us, No Paid Advertisements Here)

Link to New Enough

New Enough This is a good source for things like jackets, pants, boots, gloves and helmets. I have purchased a few things here and did have a problem. I ordered some boots that were so snug, I couldn't even get them on. I suspect that they weren't really size 10, but were labeled that way. No trouble at all returning them. The customer service people were helpful and friendly. Yeah, I know, how rare is that!

Link to Dennis Kirk

Dennis Kirk Yup! Right here in Minnesota. The same state that features a five month (or longer) winter is the home of one of the best catalogue and on-line sources for all things related to two-wheeled powered conveyance. The outlet store is great.

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Last modified: December 22, 2020