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The Story of Angie (Bonegirl)

Angie (Bonegirl) on her pink Genuine Buddy

Angie rides a LOT. As of July 2008, she had 21,700 miles on her Buddy. Here is what Angie has to say:

Not sure where to begin because my pink Buddy just turnedGenuine Scooter 2011 with Philip McCaleb, Bonegirl and Peabody 19,000 miles in less than 2 years. Thatís a lot of scooting! I am an x-ray tech in Cincinnati, Oh. I have been specializing in Bone Density Testing (DEXA scans for osteoporosis evaluation) the last 7 years. Needless to say, my nickname is Bonegirl, on all the scooter/motorcycle sites.

Deathly afraid of motorcycles, mostly due to what I have x-rayed in my occupation, my husband convinced me to go along just for the rideí because he wanted to look at a scooter. Our first stop was Metro Scooter in Cincinnati and I came home that day with the 2006 Genuine Pink Buddy! Had no idea how to ride the thing but he wanted to buy a scooter and I didnít want to be left out. I took the MSF Course on the Buddy and the rest is history. I admit I wear all the gear, all the time. Itís summer and folks always want to know if Iím hot. My husbandís answer is ĎIíd rather sweat than bleedí; works for me.

The jacket is a Cortech LRXicon. It is what I wear now in the winter because it has the quilted liner as well as waterproof. The helmet in the photo is a Vega Altura full face but I recently switched to a better helmet (wore that one out!). Gloves are also Cortech mesh summer gloves. I didnít have my riding pants on in the picture because we were just next to our hotel snapping some pics.

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Last modified: August 09, 2017