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Calendar of Scooter-related Events

The following is an incomplete, heavily biased list of scooter-related events. Yes, it's mostly relative to the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis & St. Paul in Minnesota. If you have an event you'd like posted here just shoot me an email at david@justgottascoot.com

Amerivespa 2019 at Lake Geneva WisconsinAmerivespa Scooter Rally 2019
Wednesday June 19th - Sunday June 23rd, 2019
Lake Geneva Wisconsin

In 2012 the Vespa Club of American made the rare decision to hold their big scooter rally in the small town of Lake Geneva. Usually an event this big is held in a major metro area. When all was said and done in 2012, it turned out to be one the best attended Amerivespa rallies ever! For 2019 Amerivespa will be back in Lake Geneva. Club Scoot Jockey is, again hosting. Early registration is open at:


You can visit Club Scoot Jockey at:


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Last modified: August 09, 2017