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The Story of Camille

Camille Rameriz Smith on Vino 125 ScooterPoor Camille..... really, poor, poor Camille. She has had to put up with me as a boss and a friend. In fact, her whole family has had to deal with the weirdness that is "Dave" in one form or another. Both her sisters have worked for me, her sister Rosa for several years. I'm sure that Camille's parents (to say nothing of Camille's husband) have always suspected that I'm a bad influence on poor Camille. Now they have proof.

Camille just bought a scooter ("just" being January of 2006).

The picture at the start of this story is Camille on Bev's Vino, learning the basics of scootering, but let's back up a bit. Camille worked for me in the late 1990's. She was going to school and, eventually, landed on veterinary medicine as a career. After going through that schooling, she went to work full time at a Vet clinic and left her administrative position at my company. We stayed in touch and would see each other occasionally to hang out. One of our usual activities was motorcycling around the Twin Cities. Camille seemed to enjoy being on the back of whatever two-wheeled powered conveyance I had at the time. She talked about learning to ride, but it was never more than talk. When I started getting back into scooters, she went for a ride on my Stella and really liked it. The next chance we had to get together, I suggested a little scooter education for her and she jumped at the opportunity.

In all fairness, I don't suppose that Camille expected she would be spending most of that day piloting herself around, but that's what scooters tend to do to people. We went over all of the basics, and did the usual parking lot practice. She took to scootering like a cat takes to clawing furniture - just seemed to come naturally. She did a great job on her first day and we road several parkways together.

That was in the fall, and we didn't see each other again until winter had set in. Camille's enthusiasm for scooters hadn't cooled with the weather, and after lunch and an IMAX show at the Science Museum, we were at Scooterville looking at the available choices. As it happened, Bob had a consignment TNG Venice with less than 300 kilometers on it at a good price.

Camille Rameriz Smith at Scooterville

It will be a few months before Camille gets "street time" with her new scoot, but I'm sure she'll have a great time when spring rolls around.

Welcome to the world of scooters and scooterists Camille!


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Last modified: August 09, 2017