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The Story of Chris

Chris's Scooter StoryChris of Colorado picked up this jet black Stella in April of 2006. As you can see from the pictures, he's got some FABULOUS places to rack up the miles.

Here's the scoop :    I have always wanted a scoot- from wanting a minibike to motorcycles as a kid, and never having them, I remember the first scoot I rode was a Honda ELITE back in 1986, and I was hooked- it was a neighbor kids, younger than I, and I wanted one :)  Fast forward to 1996- took the MSF course, got my motorcycle endorsement, then got a used  1987 Honda Shadow VLX 600....sold it after 3000 miles.......
2003- I go looking in Denver at the VESPA boutique, just to see them in person, loved 'em, so I get online, and learn about something called a STELLA...I sign up for the brochure from snail mail, I get it, and LOVE it.   Resources were limited, so I waited. In January this year, I was bored and cold, was looking again at Genuine website, so I decided to go see what a STELLA looked like in person.  I drove to Boulder, and met Pete Shattuck, who co-owns SPORTIQUE SCOOTERS, and bought a copy of SCOOT magazine, and his brother Colins book, SCOOTERS: RED EYES, WHITEWALLS, AND BLUE SMOKE. I fell in love with the black one on the showroom floor, but it was sold already. So, I came home, read the mag, and the book, in entirety, and learned about the cultures, styles, and everything, and knew I had to do it! My next trip down, I test drove a Kymco PEOPLE 50, then a PEOPLE 150, then a red STELLA, and I was hooked. I left, all excited. My 3rd trip down, I bought the next JET BLACK STELLA, brand new out of crate- when I brought her home, I had watched the cowls taken out of cardboard box, and plastic still on seats- brand, brand new :)
Since I picked her up APRIL 4th, 2006, I have put on 419.5 pleasure miles on her (as of May 9th, 2006), and have ordered the floorguard rubber mat, and the reinforced centerstand, joined all sorts of cool sites, and look forward to meeting scooteristas from everywhere!
Colorado is awesome for scootering, and being a scooter monkey is cooool :)


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