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Want Something Customized Just For You?

Custom Just Gotta Scoot Products

We understand if you don't find quite what you want in our product offerings (grumble, grumble) and it doesn't hurt our feelings at all (sniff, sniff). Just because we slave over a hot computer to make scooter designs that we hope you'll enjoy, don't feel that you've trampled on our hearts by wanting something a little different...

OK, we've wiped away the tears and are ready to deal with your selfish desires.

So, what do you want? Just tell us. We will do our best to customize our stuff just for you. Here's how it works:

Tell us your thoughts - special phrases, nicknames, etc.

    Email: David@JustGottaScoot.com
    Alternate Email: dharrin302@aol.com
    Phone: 651-645-7041

We will put together a custom design and email you the graphic.

Once you are happy with the graphic, tell us what products you want it on. We will create a special page at our eShop with your selections. You will have 2 - 5 days to order (depending on how much custom work we have in the hopper).

That's it!


Send mail to David@HarringtonBusinessGroup.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: August 22, 2013
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