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The Story of Don Schaffer

Back in the day in Colorado you had to be 16 to drive a car or ride a Motorcycle, but you could get a Scooter license at 14, so scooters were pretty popular.  My first scooter was a '57 or '58 Vespa I bought in 1962.  I then had a Lambretta and a couple of Cushmans (or is that Cushmen).  I graduated to Motorcycles as soon as I turned 16, you know the macho thing.  I had a series of Cycles, mostly British.  I rode Triumph, BSA, and Royal Enfield mostly.
I then got married and did the family thing.  After my kids were grown and gone my wife and I took a few trips to Europe and every time we went to Rome we commented about all of the scooters.  A couple of years ago I was driving by a Honda Dealer and saw some Metro's setting out front.  To make a long story short My wife and I bought a pair of Salsa Metros.
We love scootin and I can't figure why I ever quit back in the 60's.  Scooters are a lot more fun than Motorcycles.  They handle better and are lot more comfortable than straddling a big hot engine.  It's taken over 40 years, but I've come full circle back to a scooter.  When I'm scootin I feel like a teenager again not a 60 year old grandpa. 
I am an old Marine Sgt and Viet Nam Veteran so I don't need a Harley to show my masculinity, I can ride my Metro and feel good about myself.


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Last modified: August 09, 2017