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Fly Scooters Closing Down OperationsFly Scooters has been forced by current economic circumstances to shut their doors. The announcement was made in October of 2010. Here is an excerpt from the dealer letter:
We want to thank you for your business, support, and friendship over the last 5 years.  We regret to inform you that we will be closing our doors in the next several weeks. Over the last couple of years we have had over 75 of our dealerships go out of business and not been able to turn enough volume to keep the doors open. 
Daniel and Leon at Fly are trying to get as many spare parts as possible in the hands of existing dealers. This was a difficult decision for Fly, especially as they just launched the Scout and had hoped to continue to develop their product offerings. All of us at JustGottaScoot will miss the people at Fly. Unlike so many distributors who have recently shut down, they worked hard to bring a good quality product at a great price to their customers. They were constantly striving to improve their dealer support and demonstrated a strong commitment to the scooter community. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Review of the Scout by Fly Scooters            Marty from GoMoto on a Fly Scout at AMCA Swap Meet

The NEW Fly Scout is On The Way!

The Honda Cub Homage Fly Scout

The boys at Fly Scooters have been working on this project for some time and have just let us know that the first shipment of Scouts should be at USA Fly dealers by the end of April. This 110cc 4-stroke semi-manual bike is based on the time-honored Cub design. MSRP for the Scout is $1,799 which is lower than a lot of 50cc scooters.

The Honda Cub is the world's most popular vehicle. It has sold more than the Ford F-150 or Volkswagen Beatle. This design had been out of the US marketplace from some time and we are glad to see that Fly (and others) are bringing it back. Here in the Twin Cities area, you can reserve your Fly Scout at GOMOTO

It goes without saying that we will be doing a full review of the Scout just as soon as we can get our grubby little mitts on one. Check back in early May.

CLICK HERE to see the Scout Brochure

The Scout at Flyscooters.com

CLICK HERE to see the long-term review

CLICK HERE for the Scout Alaska Adventure

JustGottaScoot Visits Fly/CPI in California
February 2009

CLICK HERE for the CPI GTR Scooter ReviewJust got back in the office from a week in California that included an extended visit to Daniel, Leon and the gang at Fly in Oakland. I had the opportunity to ride several scooters from Fly as well as the new offerings from CPI of Taiwan. I put well over 100 miles on the CPI GTR180 and have completed a full review (the first review of the 2009 season).



BIG NEWS from Fly Scooters

CLICK HERE to listen to What's New From Fly Scooters   Leon and Daniel tell the Fly Scooters story
Fly Scooters is run by Leon Li and Daniel Pak. Here is the "How Fly Scooters Started" excerpt from their website:

When Leon Li arrived in the little town of Qing Huang Dao, China to teach English two and half years ago, he did not know that it was the beginning of a wonderful journey that would eventually lead to the creation of a scooter company call Flyscooters. What he did know, at that moment, was there were some obvious problems of getting around in this little town. Well, little is a relative term. In this case, little literally means more than 2 million people. Needless to say Leon soon discovered that getting around in this “little” town was not an easy or pleasant task. Most buses are packed like sardine cans. Empty taxis are nowhere to be found during rush hours. Bicycling is impractical because of the distances traveled. Someone even suggested buying a used car…well that was great except parking in QHD was about fun as parking in NYC, not to mention paying Chinese gas prices, which was on par with Europe. So what did he do…? You guessed it, he noticed that a lot of people are getting around in a two wheel machine that seemed to buzz through any traffic jam with ease. These little machines are parked along side bicycles, but moved with cars. Until then he had not seen these vehicles except in a few promotional ads for Italian vacations. But they looked like fun and the price was right at $400 for a used scooter. A few weeks and few hundred kilometers later he was hooked. 12 months later, back in the USA, gas prices were hitting new highs everyday. He found himself living in one of the biggest parking lots in the world… also known by most American as L.A. Like a classic cartoon scene, a light bulb went off inside his head; scooters are what America needed to free itself from all its woes (or some of them): global warming, dependence on foreign oil, round the clock traffic jams, lack of free parking, etc. Okay, perhaps scooters are not going to save the world, but it just may save you some time, some money, and a lot of headaches. So if you must ask, how did Flyscooters get started? Well…now you know.

Some Videos From Fly Scooters:

How Scooters Work:

How a CVT Works:

Scooter Oil Change:

Fly Scooter Pre-Delivery Inspection:


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