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The Story of Jack (and Beverly)

Jack and His Kymco People 250

Yeah, OK, I'm really sorry about the bad parody of "The House That Jack Built" on the button for this page..... really sorry.

Jack and I have a lot in common (aside from being frighteningly good-looking.... truly, frightening): we both have lovely wives named Beverly, we share an interest in martial arts and, of course, we both enjoy scooters.

Click Here to Visit St. Cloud KarateJack is considerably more involved in the martial arts than I am at this point. Waaaaaay back in my youth I was fairly active, but as happens all too often I drifted away as I got older and more "caught up" in other things. Jack and Beverly own and operate a school in St. Cloud Minnesota. Click on the image at the head of this paragraph to find out more. Now let's move on to the scooter stuff.

Jack made his way down to the Twin Cities from St. Cloud to visit Scooterville and I met him there. Jack looked at several scooters and we had a great time (what could be more fun than playing with scooters?) comparing their various merits. He went back to St. Cloud with a promise to return with his wife. Fast-forward a bit and now Jack AND Beverly are at Scooterville looking things over. The above picture shows the result of that visit: a Kymco People 250. I'm sure that they will both enjoy this fine scooter and I will keep badgering Jack until he tells his "scooter story" which will appear here.


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Last modified: August 09, 2017