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The Story of Jeanne

Jeann's Scooter StoryI got my Yamaha Zuma in January of 2006. I had paid off both cars in our household and was looking for a way to save money on gas and a first step towards a motorcycle. That was my intention anyway. However, after getting accustomed to my scooter, who my husband named "Gypsy" and quickly becoming known around our small town as "Scooter Girl", I have decided I love the scooter life and, while I have a desire to go faster than 40 mph, I don't have much desire left for the motorcycle.
I recently discovered the Stella, though and am chomping at the bit to upgrade to a Stella with a sidecar for my dog. I also recently met another scooter-er in my small town who is in the process of organizing a sort of "Scooter Gang"! I'm very excited about that and have decided conclusively that Scooters are the future!




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Last modified: August 09, 2017