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The Story of Kristof - A Self-Described Vespa Freak

Kristof Frederix VespaKristof joined JustGottaScoot from Belgium - Ah yes, JustGottaScoot is even being found by European scooter nuts. He has a scooter-related blog at: http://lx125.skynetblogs.be/

Here's his scooter story

So you need my "scooter" story....hmmm...
My first motorized two-wheeler was a Honda Camino 50 cc (shame on me, wished it was a Vespa). I bought this when I reached the age of 16 years (I'm 34 now). Actually just because my two older nephews also had one.
The oldest at one point got himself a Vespa PK 50 S. It looked strange, non sportive and a bit "girlie" to me at the first time. After he let me drive it for a couple of times I was sold! So I decided to search one. My first Vespa was a white PK 50 S. This one I sold later to my brother who repainted it and eventually got him a black PX 200.
As you will notice, I'll only talk about Vespa's. The original Piaggio Vespa was and still is an incon and the "mother" of all scoots. For me there are only two categories scooters : The "Vespa's" and the "other scooters". I'm a Vespa freak and -until now- will never ever consider to buy another make.
Now I needed another one and found a PK 50 XL in very bad shape (dented and badly rusted) and decided to make a "cut down".
I painted it Ferrari yellow and added a lot of Ferrari stickers I bought in Italy during a visit at Maserati- and Ferrari factory & Galleria Ferrari.
I tuned the engine and put a Leo Vinci exhaust on it.
At this moment I'm very ashamed to have ever done that but I was young at that time.........(very bad excuse). Here are some pictures.

Kristof Frederix Chopped Vespa     Kristof Frederix Chopped Vespa

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Last modified: August 09, 2017