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The Story of Marty (and his dog)

Revised! Scroll down to read more of Marty's story and see his "new" scooter.

Marty's Scooter StoryI was introduced to scooters about 25 years ago.  It was our "senior sneak" from High School and we went to a local beach resort.  They rented scooters and my buddies and I rode on the beach for a few hours, I was hooked.  I don't remember the models, but they were 50cc's and tiny.  I then worked close to the resort for the next couple of years and would go back and rent a scooter to ride around. 
I attempted to purchase one for school, but alas the funds were not there.  Fast Forward to the summer of 2005, and I am on a mission.  I have seen scooters around, and I must have one.  I research on line, unfortunately not finding JustGottaScoot.com at that time, I have to research on my own.  I didn't realize all the different brands out there, but knew there were Yamaha's and Honda's.
After being rebuffed at the Honda place, I pursue a Yamaha Zuma.  The excitement returns as I take him for a test drive.  My wife isn't too sure, but we pull it off, and soon I am riding down the road. 
Long story short, my wife now drives the scooter as well, and the kids love taking rides.  We are definitely scooter dogs, as portrayed in the picture.  My next order of business is to sell the Zuma and get a 150cc so I can go farther a field. 
I work as the HR Director of a children's behavioral clinic.  We specialize in working with Children with Autism.  I have 3 kids and a great wife, and nothing makes me feel better then taking a ride on a scooter.

Marty's Story Revised

In October of 2006, Marty sent the following "new" scooter picture and story

I learned about Vespa's in the 1980's when Quadrophenia came out, and young people started riding scooters again, reviving the "Mods". I had loved the shape and style of the mods, but couldn't afford to be a part of it.  Recently I was looking to sell my Zuma and purchase something "bigger".  I went to a scooter rally in Orem Utah called Provophenia.  I borrowed a twist and go scooter, while most everyone else was on Vespa's, Stella's, and Lambretta's.  Seeing all those classic lines, just made my heart flutter.  I decided at that time, with the help of my friend David Hurtado, that I needed a "classic" scooter.  I started searching Scoot.net and other places on the Internet. 
David Hurtado was also looking for me.  I had a chance at a couple different scoots, but either because of distance or cost, was unable to pull the trigger.  I was a little disappointed, and was trying to think of where I could find a decent scooter in my limited price range.  I remembered a place in town where I bought my used car, also had a scooter shop, with some old Vespas.  I called up, and asked if he was selling them.  He was!!  I went down and saw the 1979 Vespa P125X.  It is the same body style as the PX and the Stella's.  I was hooked.  1200.00 was the price, but it wasn't starting.  Long story short they couldn't get it started, I offered 900.00 and took it down to Dave Hurtado to fix it.  He did, and now I am the proud owner of The Silver Knight, for still under 1200.00.  I was able to sell the Zuma to purchase it, and so it continues.  Now Michael in Salt Lake City, can get into scooters as well.  I am still a scooter dog, a very happy, tongue wagging, every time I ride my scooter, Dog.



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