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I Guess The Biggest News is That We're STILL Here

JustGottaScoot.com was launched in October of 2005 to share the fun of scootering and to offer cool scooter-related stuff (like apparel, coffee mugs, gifts and such). Check the ABOUT US page to glimpse inside the twisted mind of Dave, the founder of this site (WARNING, common side effects include dementia, confusion and irrational silliness).  

Which Scooter Should I buy?

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Some information about deciding on which scooter is right for you as well as some opinions on specific models.

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Scooter News

The World of JustGottaScootThe World of JustGottaScoot.com
December, 2020
Yes it has been a LONG TIME since much of ANY attention was paid to this website. My Apologies. Time chalenges started with some elderly parent issues (long since resolved) and were compounded by work issues with lack of availability of review scooters thrown atop the pile. The pandemic forced me to (mostly) shut down my business so I should have more time to contribute to this website, but significantly fewer (financial) resources. With a very few exceptions, any scooters I review have to be purchased by me. Scooterville in Minneapolis continues to be a VERY cooperative dealer and I'll beg a scooter or three from them in 2021 for review. I did break down and purchase a BMW C600 and a Honda Super Cub this past year, so those two will be on the top of my list to share with you.
To start things off, I put together my impressions of the "State of USA Scootering" to bring us closer to current (wow, it has been more than 15 years since this website launched).

Lawrence Brown Reviwes the Lance Cali Classic 125Lawrence Brown Reviews the Lance Cali Classic 125
December, 2020
Lawrence has kindly contributed his thoughts on a few scooters to this site in the past (and we appreciate it). This time around, he shares his review of the Lance Cali Classic 125. Just Gotta Scoot reviewed this scooter back in June of 2012 and we are glad to be able to bring you an updated and different perspective. CLICK HERE.

Which Scooter Should I Buy?Which Scooter Should I Buy? - UPDATED
September, 201
Our "most commonly asked question" gets an update in the "my favourites" section. Remember, these are MY choices in each classification. It has been a few years since this section was updated and there have been some changes. The Genuine Buddy and RoughHouse are the longest running kings of moped-legal scooters, but how much longer can 2-strokes worm their way into the USA marketplace?  CLICK HERE to see the my updated favourites.

Review of the 2019 SYM Mio 50cc ScooterReview of the SYM Mio 50
August, 2019
It has been over ten years since we last reviewed the SYM Mio 50. Luckily, Alliance Powersports (the USA SYM distibutor) is still friendly to JustGottaScoot. That, combined with the generosity of Scooterville in Minneapolis, allowed us to spend a few days with the Minnesota moped-legal foru stroke scooter. CLICK HERE to read the review.

Review of the Royal Alloy Grand Tourer 150Review of the Royal Alloy GT150
August, 2019
Genuine Scooters brings us the metal-bodied, SYM-designed engined, Lambretta styled Royall Alloy Grand Tourer 150. We road the proto last year and now spend some time with a production version. CLICK HERE to read the review.

My City RidesMy City Rides - A GREAT Idea
August, 2018
Memphis Tennessee is a tough town for commuting. Traffic is heavily congested, public transit is slow, residential areas tend to be some distance from workplaces and cost of vehicle ownership is high. Thanks to the support of Jay Martin of Juice Plus, Andy Nix has been able to launch a non-profit scooter solution! CLICK HERE or on the image for more info.

One Lap a Scooter AdventureOne Lap - A Scooter Adventure
July, 2018
What happens when some guys with 50cc scooters decide to break out of the mold of everyday life?
A travel documentary series about a group of friends embarking on weeklong adventures riding scooters, seeking adventures and visiting iconic locations. CLICK HERE or on the image to see what it's all about.

Lawrence Brown Converts His Honda Reflex into a TrikeLawrence Brown Converts His Honda Reflex into a Trike
June, 2018
Lawrence has kindly contributed his thoughts on a few scooters to this site in the past (and we appreciate it). This time around, he shares his experiences on converting a Honda Reflex into a trike. I think he does an especially good job of describing the changes in handling. CLICK HERE or on the graphic to read about it. 

DMV Motorcycle Permit Test Database This is Pretty Cool
March, 2018
Need some practice before you take your written motorcycle permit test? I was recently made aware (thanks Mary) about a website
that provides free access to a wealth of free online motorcycle tests based on the actual contents of each State’s Motorcycle Manual. CLICK HERE or on the graphic to check it out. 

Review of the SYM Fiddle 3 200i ScooterReview of the SYM Fiddle III Scooter
August, 2017
Ooooo goody! Another fuel injected mid-sized scooter to review! We looked at the SYM Fiddle II several years ago and liked it. Now we take a look at the new fuel injected SYM Fiddle III. CLICK HERE to read the review. 

Review of the Piaggio Liberty 150 ScooterFirst Scooter Review of 2017 - The Piaggio Liberty 150
May, 2017
Spring has sprung here in Minnesota and the 2017 scooter season in well under way. Thanks to Bob at Scooterville in Minneapolis, we got our grubby mitts on a new Piaggio Liberty 150. This big-wheeled scooters has been selling in other countries for a while now (mostly as a 125cc) but we seeing it in North America for the first time this year. CLICK HERE to read the review.

Scooter and Motorcycle Safety LinksA Good Collection of Safety-Related Links
November, 2016
Katie, a college student, sent me this page which is a collection of motorcycle/scooter safety-related links. Operating under the assumption that you are sick and tired of ME going on and on about safety, I thought you may want to hear it from some other sources (and who could blame you). CLICK HERE or on the graphic to jump to the link collection.

Kymco K-Pipe 125 ReviewReview of the Kymco K-Pipe 125
July, 2016
OK, it's not really a scooter, but the Kymco K-Pipe 125 is a wonderful fun little light-weight, small displacement motorcycle with a new-rider friendly shifter. On top of that, it's an outstanding value at just under $2,000. CLICK HERE to read the review.

Review of the Genuine Venture 50 Moped ScooterReview of the Genuine Venture 50
May, 2016
Whew! It's been almost a year since we climbed aboard a new scooter to review. This time we have a look at the new big-wheeled moped-legal liquid-cooled 4-stroke 50cc Venture from Genuine Scooters. CLICK HERE to read the review.

Land of 10000 Scoots Rally Twin Cities 2016Website for Minnesota Rally
April, 2016
The Twin Cities Scooter Collective has got a website up and running for the upcoming scooter rally. There is, of course, a FaceBook page for the event, but the wise leaders at the aforementioned Scooter Collective have realized that NOT every single person on the planet utilizes FaceBook. The last time I checked, the events schedule was starting to fill out and there's a local hotel with a block of rooms set aside. CLICK HERE to visit the site. 

New Zealand Classic Scooter Club Rally 2016New Zealand Classic Scooter Club Rally 2016
March, 2016
A big "Thank You" to Doug Coutts who did a fun podcast at this year's New Zealand Classic Scooter Club rally which took place in February at Tatum Park, Manakau New Zealand which is not too terribly far from Auckland on the North Island. Several riders (and repairers and restorers) of classic scooters chat about their obsession. It's well worth a listen. CLICK HERE

Land of 10000Scoots Rally Twin Cities 2016Land of 10,000 Scoots Rally
February, 2016
The Twin Cities Scooter Collective has announced that they will be putting on a scooter rally in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota in 2016. After a LONG hiatus (Five years? Six years?) the big Twin Cities scooter rally is back! The Land of 10,000 Scoots rally is scheduled for Friday August12th through Sunday August 14th, 2016. CLICK HERE to visit the Facebook event page. 

Lambretta Jamboree Duluth Minnesota 2016Lambretta Jamboree 2016 in Duluth Minnesota
January, 2016
Another rally coup for the upper midwest! We had Amerivespa in Lake Geneva Wisconsin and now we're getting the Lambretta Club in Duluth Minnesota. Running from Thursday July 14th through Sunday July 17th, 2016. On the North Shore of Minnesota by Lake Superior! Rides on the scenic shore drive and skyline parkway! Events in the historic city of Duluth, Minnesota! This premier event is for vintage Lambrettas only.

Lawrence Brown Reviews the Jonway Predator 250Lawrence Brown Reviews the Jonway Predator 250
September, 2015
Back in January of 2015, Lawrence kindly shared his experiences with his Jonway Predator 150 scooter. Now's he's passed that scooter on to a friend and has a liquid-cooled Predator 250. CLICK HERE to read his thoughts on that scooter and his comparison to the air-cooled 150cc version.

Review of the MotoChic Gear Lauren BagReview of the MotoChic Gear Lauren
September, 2015
Need scooter gear for a female rider? Just shrink down the men's stuff and make it pink.... right? Nope, not even close. Even is some of the major manufacturers haven't figured it out yet, small companies like MotoChic Gear have. Local scooterist Karrie graciously joins us and takes a look at the new Lauren combination backpack and tote. CLICK HERE for the review. 

Review of the Vespa Primavera 150 ScooterReview of the Vespa Primavera 150
July, 2015
Apparently, we've given up on reviewing scooters and switched over to reviewing time machines. In this instance it's a device that transports up back to the 1960s and Vespa's halcyon days of la dolce vita. We experience small frame Vespas with clamshell speedometers, graceful curvy body shapes and brisk performance. CLICK HERE to step into the time transfer chamber and join us.  

Review of the Vespa GTS 300 Super with ABSReview of the Vespa GTS 300 Super with ABS
May, 2015
Yes, I know, it's been quite a while since a new scooter review appeared here at JustGottaScoot.com. Sometimes life conspires to prevent us from having time to do everything we'd like. I hope the scooter in this review helps make up for the long time gap. For 2015 Vespa is bringing us the GTS 300 with anti-lock brakes and an improved front suspension. CLICK HERE to join us as we take a closer look at this machine.

Jason Blum Hooligan Reader ResponseMore Reader Response on the Genuine Hooligan
May, 2015

Jason Blum purchased a Genuine Hooligan after doing research here and on Scooterfile.com as well as other sources. He seems happy with his purchase  and contributes to the discussion of the validity of the Hooligan floorboard storage space. CLICK HERE.

Which Scooter Should I Buy Updated May 2012Which Scooter Should I Buy? - UPDATED
March, 2015

Our "most commonly asked question" gets an update in the "my favourites" section. Remember, these are MY choices in each classification. This year we see the Kymco People GTi 300 fall from the top spot as the best do-everything scooter. The King is dead, long live the King.  CLICK HERE to see the new monarch and other updates.

Lawrence Brwon reviews the Jonway PredatorLawrence Reviews His Jonway Predator Scooter
January, 2015

Hey! Whadayaknow, I'm not the only one trying to spread the word about scooters as great transportation. Lawrence Brown of Cape Cod Massachusetts offered up a quick review of his Jonway Predator scooter. Click here to see what he has to say.

Scooter Doodles by Mark Garvey

Too Much Time
December, 2014

This is what happens when an otherwise normal, sane person has too much time on their hands AND spends part of the aforementioned time browsing this website. Click here to see what we're talking about. 


Commuting with the Honda PCX 150 ScooterReview of the SHAD 39 Liter Topcase & Commuting with the Honda PCX
October, 2014
Review of the SHAD 39 liter Topcase TrunkAs promised in the Honda PCX review, we've added a windshield and topcase to the PCX and have been utilizing it to commute. Amazingly, it's still mostly sunny and in the 50s here in Minnesota in late October. We'll keep riding until the evils of winter road conditions stop us. Click here to read about the SHAD topcase and commuting on the Honda PCX. We'll update the commuting section as changes and additions are made. For one thing, we'll likely modify the seat over the winter.

Revoew of the Lance SYM Soho 50 Scooter

Review of the Lance Soho 50
October, 2014
It's been too long since we reviewed a moped-legal scooter. Let's make up for lost time by looking at the big-wheeled Lance Soho 50, built by SYM. For a lot of scooter riders, moped-legal machines offer parking advantage that just can't be beat. Click Here to jump to the review.

Genuine Stella Automatic Rear Luggage RackStella Automatic Update & Rear Rack
October, 2014
I recently had the opportunity to ride the same Stellauto I utilized for the review and to install and check out a new rear luggage rack for the scooter (also fits any other Stella or P-Series Vespa). Click here to see my comments.

Review of the Honda PCX 150 ScooterReview of the Honda PCX 150
October, 2014
As I write this it's 44 degrees and we have snow flurries in the forecast tonight. Don't think any white stuff will stick, but I don't know how much longer we'll be doing reviews this season. If this ends up being the last one for a while, it's worth it. Is the Thailand built Honda PCX 150 worthy of Honda's reputation for quality? Click here to read the review.

Genuine Hooligan vs Genuine Buddy 150 Black JackHooligan 170i vs Buddy 150 Black Jack
Who is the REAL Hooligan?
September, 2014
The problem with mentioning a local scooterist by name in a review is that they often show up and want to ride the scooter from the review in question. At least that was my experience with the Genuine Hooligan and local scooter-hooligan Pooter. What did I do? Begged Bob at Scooterville to let him ride it of course...

Review of the Genuine Hooligan 170i ScooterReview of the Genuine Hooligan 170i Scooter
September, 2014
Just how capable can a small urban scooter be? Can a person have sporty handling, great brakes, quick acceleration, and practical functionality in one scooter? Yes, a person can. Can a person have this scooter in a wide assortment of bright, shiny colors? Nope. Can a scooter reviewer get over it and just accept the flat finishes on new scooters? That remains to be seen.... click here to read the review.

Genuine Stella Automatic Pending Recall on ECUGenuine Stella Automatic

July, 2014
We just received word from Genuine Scooters that a recall on the new Stella Automatic scooter is pending. The ECU has a potential issue that could cause the scooter to not start or to stall when running. The good folks at Genuine are on top of this and are already shipping replacement parts to dealers. Even though the recall has not been finalized, Genuine is doing their best to ensure that the issue is correctly as quickly as possible. If you own a Genuine Stella Automatic, contact your dealer right away to have your ECU replaced.  

Review of the Lance Cabo 150 ScooterReview of the Lance Cabo 150 Scooter
June, 2014

Lance brings us another Taiwanese scooter (manufactured by SYM) that offers good quality, a great price and a whole mess of fun riding. Designed to be utilitarian and sporty, I rode the new Cabo 150 on roads all over St. Paul and off roads.... well... you'll have to read the review.

Cheapskate ScooteringCheapskate Scootering
May, 2014

Quite a few people have emailed, asking about cheaper choices for scootering. I thought it might be a good idea to post a few thoughts about this topic. Then I thought I should offer some suggestions of brands and models to look for. After that, I threw in a couple of thoughts on gear and other expenses. Pretty much goes without saying that this ended up being one LONG tirade on the topic of cheapskate scootering. DO NOT bother with this if you are easily bored.

Review of the Genuine Stella 125cc Automatic Scooter

Review of the Genuine Stella 125cc Automatic Scooter
April 2014

Looking for a true retro scooter with a metal body AND an automatic transmission? Look no further, the new Stella Automatic is here. Though the never-ending winter of 2014 still lingers in Minnesota (below freezing temperatures and some light snow), we braved conditions and spent some time with this much-anticipated new scooter. CLICK HERE or on the image to jump to the review. 

Windshield for Kymco People GTi
March 2014

Another windshield is available for the excellent Kymco People GTi 300 scooter. This one is brought to us from PUIG and mounts WITHOUT requiring removal or modification of the USA-mandatory front turn signals. CLICK HERE or on the image for more information.

Scooter Cannonball - 2 Different Events
March 2014

The Real Cannonball and the Scooter Cannonball RunThere has been some unpleasantness recently on Facebook and some scooter and motorcycle forums about the two different Scooter Cannonball events. JustGottaScoot.com takes a lot at the two events and offers up our opinion. CLICK HERE to on the image to jump to the page.

The Scooter DiariesThe Scooter Diaries
March 2014
Two Canadians in love and riding a Lambretta through Latin America... A Vespa I can see, but a Lammy? Without a support crew??? "The Scooter Diaries" is the story of Ron and Tove Bowman and their adventure, starting in 1959, aboard a Lambretta as they journey through Latin America. CLICK HERE or on the image to check it out.

More About Scooters & Ethanol Blends
February 2014
Scooter Madness BlogThe Scooter Madness Blog has a posting from Erik Baeumlisberger about the potential problems that fuel blended with ethanol can cause in a lot of scooters, particularly the air-cooled and carbureted scooters so commonly seen on the road in the USA. CLICK HERE or on the image to jump to the blog entry.

MSLSF Scooter Side Car Race

Lake Tahoe Extreme Endurance Race.... Plus Sidecars?
September, 2013
Alan Spears, a friend and supporter of JustGottaScoot.com, just let us know that a scooter-with-side-car class has been added to the upcoming Motor Scooter Land Speed Federation's Lake Tahoe event. CLICK HERE or on the image to read to full press release. Trust me, I've seen motorcycle side-car racing, you don't want to miss this.

Review of the Kymco MyRoad 700i ScooterReview of the Kymco MyRoad 700i
September, 2013
Here's the second of that two-in-a-row review spurt I mentioned earlier. We've been waiting for the Kymco MyRoad 700i maxi-scooter since 2010. It took a while to actually get here, but our very generous friends at Scooterville let us take a real, live MyRoad out for several days. CLICK HERE or on the image to read the full review. 

Review of the Lance PCH 150 ScooterReview of the Lance PCH 150
September, 2013
How about that? Months and months of no new scooter reviews and now we've done two in a row. This time it's the Lance PCH 150, built by SYM. It's sporty, it's inexpensive and it's fun. Best of all? I got to ride it during a couple of gorgeous late summer days. CLICK HERE or on the image to read the review. 

The ScootmanVintage Vespa Blog
August, 2013
Follow the adventures of a Down Under 1966 Vespa small frame as Brad documents its fixes, enhancements, and use. CLICK HERE or on the image to visit Brad's Blog. It's always good to see a nice vintage ride gettin' some love.

Review of the Piaggio Fly 150 3V

Review of the Piaggio Fly 150
August, 2013
Yes, I know, it's been more than a while since our last review. To make up for that gap, we're bringing you a very cool new Piaggio Fly 150 with a fuel injected three-valve engine. First they gave us the incredible BV 350 and now a sweet 150 - Piaggio is going up a notch or two in my book. CLICK HERE or on the image to read the review.

Grand Rider Taiwan Tour 2012
March, 2013
Check out the video.
SYM Taiwan, key sponsors of the Grand Riders Event,  provided North American riders with new 250cc scooters for the 8 day ride and event.

The Best of Scooter Touring by BJ StrassBJ Strass Publishes eBook on Scooter Touring
January, 2013

BJ Strass is the former editor of Scooter Rider Magazine and has been a friend of JustGottaScoot.com since our inception. BJ's new eBook is a collection of enhanced and extended articles from Scooter Rider with over 50 photographs. BJ is a great guy and I've always enjoyed his writing. CLICK HERE to get this eBook from Amazon.

SYM CityCom 300i Rear Luggage RackRear Luggage Rack for the SYM CityCom 300i
December, 2012

Alliance Powersports has announced the availability of a proprietary rear rack for the CityCom 300i. Yes, within a month or two of getting this fine scooter into the marketplace here, they are responding to riders (and reviewers) and providing accessories. Are you listening Kymco?

Review of the 2013 SYM CityCom 300i ScooterReview of the SYM 2013 CityCom 300i Scooter
October, 2012

Yes, it's October in Minnesota. Yes, it has snowed almost a foot (in northern Minnesota). Yes, we are still reviewing scooters. OK, it's still in the 40s and 50s here in the Twin Cites and we do try and ride as much as possible year-round (as long as the roads are clear) so I guess I should announce reviews in January if I really want to get attention. The SYM CityCom 300 that we last reviewed in 2009 is back and we just had another look. CLICK HERE or on the image for the full review.

Review of the TourMaster Series 2 FLEX Textile Riding JacketReview of the TourMaster Flex Jacket
September, 2012

Good riding gear is an important part of ensuring an enjoyable scooter riding experience. The right gear will make you more comfortable, let you ride in a wider range of weather, and help protect you in an accident. We reviewed the TourMaster Flex jacket which offers you a good choice for a riding jacket whether it's 90 degrees and humid or 35 degrees and raining.

SYM RV200 Evo ScooterSYM RV200 Evo Here, More New Models on the Way
September, 2012

Just announced, the new SYM RV200 Evo scooter is here in the USA! This is a very similar scooter to the excellent SYM HD 200. This version has an MSRP of $3,699 which is a good value. The fuel injected CityCom 300i will be in the USA this year, and the RV300i is expected in the USA next year. These 200cc - 300cc scooters make excellent "do-everything" machines and we are glad to see scooters of this quality from Taiwan being made available in our market. Look for the RV200 at your local SYM dealer in the very near future. More information will be available ONLINE in the coming days.   

Biondi Windscreen for Kymco People GTi Scooter Available at ScootervilleParts.comScooterville's New Parts Website Offers Biondi Windscreens
August, 2012

As mentioned in our review, the Kymco People GTi scooter is in DESPERATE need of a decent medium windscreen that can be installed WITHOUT removing the USA-mandated front turn signal lights. Scooterville in Minneapolis Minnesota has come through by importing the fine Biondi windscreen for the People GTi.

Review of the Piaggio BV 350 Scooter

Review of the Piaggio BV350 Scooter
August, 2012

Lots of power, big wheels, comfortable, do we have a new King of do-everything scooters? Click on the image to read the review and find out.

Failure of Givi Windshield on Kymco People GTi 300

Givi Windshield Failure
July, 2012

The Givi windshield installed on our Kymco People GTi 300 has experienced a failure that we believe is caused by a fatal flaw in the design of the mounting system.

Review of the Hot Glue and Paint Helmet Skin

Review of the Hot Glue and Paint Helmet Skin
July, 2012

Looking to express yourself and your fashion sense while riding your scooter? Seeking more visibility among the "killer cars" while out riding? Check out these helmet skins from Hot Glue and Paint.

Review of the Lance Cali Classic 125 ScooterReview of the Lance Cali Classic 125 Scooter
June, 2012

Ha! You saw "Lance" and thought I was going to make a joke about another mainland Chinese scooter review, didn't you. Nope, the Cali Classic is made in Taiwan by SYM. Priced (just) below $2,000, it's an interesting machine and certainly the best quality Joker clone that we have come across in some time.

Kymco People GTi WindscreenWindscreen for Kymco People GTi 200 & 300
June, 2012

With Kymco ignoring the need for accessories, Bob Hedstrom of Scooterville in Minneapolis Minnesota has stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park. Bob invited me over today to install and check out a windscreen for the Kymco People GTi that DOES NOT require removal or modification of the US-mandatory front turn signals. If you have a Kymco People GTi and want one of these, contact Bob at [email protected]

Racing Planet USA Hyosung PartsRacingPlanetUSA.com Offers Hyosung Parts
May, 2012

From RacingPlanet's press release: As of today www.RacingPlanetUSA.com is the place to be for full support for the Hyosung scooter lineup. If you are a Hyosung rider and have had difficulties finding parts and accessories for your Hyosung scooter never fear Racing Planet is now here! Our website now has full parts schematics, line drawings, and easy simple to use charts for Hyosung scooters. For all the readers of JustGottaScoot.com if you have a Hyosung scooter now you can shop and easily find the part you were looking for. CLICK HERE to go to the RacingPlanetUSA home page, or on the image to go to their Hyosung page.

Reflective Striping Kit
May, 2012

You unfortunate souls who live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and have had to suffer my "lectures" on scooter visibility know that ALL my scooters (and motorcycles) have reflective checkerboard on them. I'm a strong advocate for taking steps to make yourself more visible when riding - from your helmet and gear to your scooter. After seeing the video below from BackAtYa.biz, I don't feel so extreme anymore. Check it out.

John Fabini and Motofabini, touring on a CF Moto 150cc scooterScooter Touring on a CFMoto
May, 2012

Here at JustGottaScoot we are routinely accused of badmouthing scooters from Mainland China. It's not that we think all Chinese scooters are bad, not at all. Some are just fine and can be reliable transportation and a great value. CFMoto scooters, for example. We recently heard about a gentleman who has done some touring on a 150cc CF Moto Chinese scooter. John Fabian has completed one east coast tour and has other adventures in the works. He is working on a book about his 2011 tour. CLICK HERE to visit Motofabini.org.

Which Scooter Should I Buy Updated May 2012Which Scooter Should I Buy? - UPDATED
May, 2012

Our "most commonly asked question" gets an update in the "my favourites" section. Remember, these are MY choices in each classification. This year and next are going to result in some changes in this section if for no other reason than the change in available models. CLICK HERE to see the updates.

SHAD 37L topcase on a Kymco People 50 scooter

SHAD Luggage for a Kymco People 50
April, 2012

I searching for a supremely practical moped-legal scooter for urban transportation, we add a SHAD 37 liter topcase to the wonderful Kymco People 50 scooter. CLICK HERE to read the review. 

More Help for Frustrated Kymco Scooter Owners
April, 2012

I've mentioned several time on the Just Gotta Scoot Podcasts, and in several articles, that Kymco USA seems to have little or no interest in parts and accessories for their own scooters. Their own dealers and riders are left to try and find things in the aftermarket. So be it, at least some of the aftermarket companies are stepping up. Racing Planet is expanding in the USA marketplace with their new website: RacingPlanetUSA. According to their recent press release: In the coming weeks US clients will be able to find a full selection of exhausts, racing upgrades, and performance parts for the Kymco 150cc to 500cc range. Racing Planet is already the premier website for Kymco parts and accessories in Europe... I for one am glad to see more scooter parts and accessories available in THIS country. The European sellers have been great to deal with, but OOF, those shipping costs!

Yamaha TTX Adventure Off Road ScooterA Scooter with Real-World Off Road Capabilities
April, 2012

No, this is NOT an "April Fool's" thing. Shown in March in Bangkok Thailand, the new Yamaha TTX Adventure is based on Yamaha's TTX 115cc fuel injected scooter. The Adventure has a beefed up frame, extra luggage capacity, knobby tires and so forth to give it some true off-road capability in countries where the speed limit of a road is often determined by the condition of that "road". CLICK HERE to read more at Gizmag.com. Thanks to Krevin from Random Scootering at MMM for the tip.

Scoot Safely BlogScootSafely.com - An Excellent Site that Promotes Safe Riding
March, 2012

Alan Hearnshaw is an ex-pat Brit who has put together a wonderful blog about riding safely. In Alan's own words, "My hope with this blog is to do my part in making scooter riding safer, and to encourage the use of this eminently practical form of transport." There is some great info here, well worth a look. CLICK HERE or on the image to the left to visit the site.

BMW Maxi Scooters

BMW Maxi-Scooters Coming Next Year
November, 2011

Yes, BMW scooters, here, in the USA, soon. At some point early next year, BMW dealers will have two maxi-scooter models available for US buyers. The C650GT and the C600 Sport. Both are powered by a twin cylinder 647cc powerplant with a claimed 60 horses and 49 ft-lbs. of torque. Fuel injection, liquid cooling, stainless steel exhaust, front & rear disc brakes with ABS, 60 liters of storage space, the list goes on and on. No pricing from BMW as of yet, but you can bet they'll be pricey. 

Review of the NEW CFMoto JetMax
October, 2011

Review of the CFMoto JetMax ScooterCan a decent scooter come out of factory in mainland China? Yes. Marty from GoMoto arranged for us to ride the new CFMoto JetMax 250cc fuel-injected liquid-cooled scooter. A mechanically impressive machine for the price, the JetMax is an in-house design from CFMoto and NOT a clone of anything from Japan. CLICK HERE to read the review.

SYM Wolf Classic 150cc Motorcycle Review
October, 2011

Review of the SYM Wolf Classic MotorcycleOUT NOW at Twin Cities Rider - a review of the new SYM Wolf Classic 150cc motorcycle. No, it's certainly not a scooter, but it IS small displacement, light weight, damn cute and a bunch of fun to ride. TC Rider is our Minneapolis/St. Paul area website and covers scooters, motorcycles & mopeds. 

SYM's USA Distributor Launches Website
October, 2011

SYM USa Alliance PowersportsThe website for the new SYM USA distributor, Alliance Powersports, is up and running. I've been told by Alliance that the site is still a work in progress (aren't virtually ALL websites a work in progress?), but there is a working dealer locator and info about the currently available models. 

NEW Vectrix VX2 All-Electric Scooter
October, 2011

Review of the Vectrix VX2 all-electric scooterVectrix is back under new ownership after their 2009 bankruptcy. The big, highway capable VX1 is back, in two versions, AND Vectrix has introduced a smaller, city-street-speed scooter the VX2. It's this one that we reviewed this time around. CLICK HERE to read the review.

STILL Working on the People GTi300
September, 2011

Kymco People GTi300 SHAD Top CaseOur pursuit of the perfect do-everything scooters continues. We added a windshield to our Kymco People GTi300 (which still needs to be cut down a bit) and got some reflective checkerboard on the scooter. Now we just need more storage. A SHAD 48 liter top case was chosen and installed (with some more modification). CLICK HERE for more details. We also installed the very nice optional backrest.  

Yamaha Zuma 125 Review
September, 2011

Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter ReviewMaybe it's the impending arrival of another Minnesota winter (grey, cool and rainy early this week), but seem to feel an urgent need to ride and review scooters. Quick, gotta get another review done before.... before.... what? This time it's a first year (2009) Yamaha Zuma 125. Another fuel injected scooter and that's a good thing. CLICK HERE to read the review.

Still Working on the People GTi300
September, 2011

Kymco People GTi300 Windshield and CheckerboardAs mentioned in the review of the Kymco People GTi300, I am working to address the minor imperfections of this scooter. One of those is the lack of a windshield. Here we try a Givi with mixed results. Yes, it works and it's mounted on my scooter, but this installation isn't for the faint of heart. CLICK HERE.

Kymco Downtown 300i Review
September, 2011

Review of the Kymco Downtown 300i ScooterNo sooner did I complete the Kymco People GTi300 review than it's sibling scooter, the Downtown 300i became available. Aside from a potential ergonomic issue, Kymco has another winner here. CLICK HERE to read the review.

Kymco People GTi300 Review
September, 2011

Review of the Kymco People GTi300 ScooterFor years (about six of them) I have been saying that the Kymco People 250 is the perfect do-everything scooter. Even the release of the 250 'S' wasn't enough to unseat the "old" style. Now there's a new GTi300 People with fuel injection and 299cc of power. Is the King dead? Read the review to find out.

Bob Hedstrom Kymco and Piaggio Dealer responds to GTi300 Review

Genuine Buddy 170i Review
August, 2011

Review of the Genuine Buddy 170iYeah, yeah, we usually are the first ones to have a review out when a new Genuine scooter hits the market. This time, that new scooter was so popular we had trouble getting a review example. Luckily, Cari in Minnesota was kind enough to let us have her new silver Buddy 170i for a few days. CLICK HERE for the review. 

Honda Elite 110 Review
July, 2011

Review of the Honda Elite 110 ScooterGetting Honda scooters for review is as tough as pulling teeth from a pissed-off shark when your hand is covered in tuna oil without getting chomped (now that's tough) Sometimes we luck out and one falls into our hands from other sources. We ride a 2010 Honda Elite 110, a fuel injected and liquid cooled scooter that is manufactured by Honda in China. How is it? CLICK HERE to find out. 

Kymco People 50 Review
July, 2011

Kymco People 50 Scooter ReviewCan it be? We haven't done a 50cc scooter review since the Mio back in May of 2008??? We'll try and make up for that oversight by offering up a review on the Kymco People 50. CLICK HERE or on the image to the left.

Larry Crowne Premiere - In Hollywood and Minneapolis
June, 2011

Ton Hanks Philip McCaleb at Larry Crowne

Well, OK, Edina technically. On Monday, June 27th, the new Tom Hanks movie "Larry Crowne" premiered in Hollywood. Mr. Hanks road to the red carpet event on the Yamaha Riva scooter from the movie in the company of such scooter luminaries as Philip McCaleb of Genuine Scooters and Glen Alan Bartels of Route 66 Scooters. On Tuesday, June 28th, the Twin Cities enjoyed a sneak peek at this new movie. A bunch (40 or so) scooterists met at Scooterville and road to the Southdale theatres in Edina. The place was packed - I didn't see a single open seat. The early reviews of "Larry Crowne" have been lukewarm at best, but I enjoyed the movie. It's great, light summer fare and it has SCOOTERS in it!

Larry Crowne Tom Hanks Julia RobertsLarry Crowne Movie
June, 2011

Opening in July, this new Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts movie features Tom Hanks as a 50 year old man who re-invents himself as he enrolls in college and joins a scooter group in Los Angeles. Tom Hanks, Scooters, what's not to like? Admit it. You enjoyed "Splash". Tom Hanks has to be one of the most likeable actors working today. Put him on a scooter, and you have the perfect summer movie. 50 Genuine riders will accompany Tom Hanks on an escorted Scooter convoy through the streets of Hollywood en route to the "Larry Crowne" world premier on June 27th. "We can't wait, we're all riding together and the rumor is that Julia Roberts will be joining us riding in a 'Larry Crowne' taxi - a Genuine Stella scooter with a sidecar!" said McCaleb. "This is a perfect summer for scooters to re-emerge as the growing alternative to people wanting 100 MPG plus with the new reality of high gas prices." 

Vintage Vespa Kit Scooters from Scooterworks in ChicagoKit-Scooters
May, 2011

Thinking about a vintage Vespa as a daily rider? Already have a 2-stroke Stella and looking for something different but equally reliable? Want stay away from the crap that all too often comes out of Asia? Scooterworks in Chicago is offering "Kit-Scooters". For quite a while now, Scooterworks has offered vintage Vespas with modern LML powerplants through select Genuine dealers. I have seen quite a few of these machines and they are really very sweet. Now you get a frame with pre-wired instruments, front suspension and a 10" front wheel/tire starting at $1,600. CLICK HERE to checkScooterWorks them out. 

SYM Update
April, 2011

The official notification has come out from Lance Powersports announcing that they (in the form of Alliance Powersports) are now the Western USA importer/distributor for SYM. We have posted the letter from Mike Hickman of Lance on our SYM page. We're VERY glad that current SYM owners now appear to have some warranty and parts support. CLICK HERE to read the announcement.

Genuine Steela 4-stroke Customized by Route 66 Modern ClassicsGenuine Stella 4-Strokes at Dealers
March, 2011

The much anticipated Genuine Stella 4-stroke is arriving at dealers. They've been a long time coming, but probably worth the wait. Glen Bartels at Route 66 Modern Classics in California tricked out a Stella 4T with a bunch of accessories including Harley Davidson stuff?!?! How cool is that! CLICK HERE for a better picture.

SYM of Canada?
March, 2011

It's looking like the eastern US distributor for SYM will be SYM of Canada. Earlier there was talk that it would be Peirspeed, but this was vehemently denied by Bill there. I can't get confirmation about SYM of Canada, but the official announcement is expected in April, so I guess we wait for a while.

Keith and his Genuine Buddy snowq plow rig.Minnesota Man Finds Winter Use For Scooter
February, 2011

Yes, it's been a tough winter and no, we're not serious about this picture. Keith in Minnesota (those who attended Rattle My Bones 4 will remember that Keith and his wife were food service volunteers for the rally) sent in this photo of his Genuine Buddy set up for use as a snow plow. Notice that this fine rig includes a sand/salt dispenser in the rear. I think I'm seeing the newest accessory package for Scooterworks to offer.... Thanks much Keith.


Review of the Scorpion Diamond JacketJordana Reviews a Scorpion Diamond Jacket
January, 2011

I'm not saying I believe this, but according to her review, Jordana rode her scooter while wearing this jacket when it was only 17 degrees out. If this is true, Jordana is really sacrificing herself  to bring you the real scoop on this jacket. I've been riding with Jordana when it was 60 degrees out and she was "freezing to death", so I hope you'll CLICK HERE to enjoy the fruits of her supreme sacrifice.

New SYM Distributors in the USAIt Looks Like New SYM Distributors in the US
January, 2011

We are still waiting for official word from SYM, but it looks like there will be two distributors in the US market and neither of them is Carter Brothers. According to communications from Lance Scooters, they will be the "western" US distributor for SYM. Reports had indicated that Pierspeed would be the "eastern" US distributor, but this has been denied by Pierspeed. A confidential (but very reliable source) has passed on that in conversation with Bill Pierce of Pierspeed he said that they were definately NOT the East Coast distributor for SYM. Lance has a history as an importer of Chinese scooters. It's too early to say if this is good move for SYM, but we are glad that current SYM owners may have some parts support in this country. 

Fieldsheer Roma Womans Jacket Review Jordana WhyteJordana Reviews a Fieldsheer Jacket
December, 2010

By her own admission, Jordana is NOT a cold-weather kind of person. She will be the first to admit that she considers people who ride year-round in Minnesota to have some sort of mental defect. Being one of those riders, I'm pretty sure she's correct. Still, she braved the elements and got on her scooter with a Fieldsheer jacket. Check out here review HERE

Fly Scout Bench Seat ConversionBench Seat Conversion on Scout
November, 2010

Even with Fly Scooter shutting down, interest remains on the Scout. CLICK HERE or on the image to the left to see the completed bench seat conversion. 



Fly Scooters Closing DownFly Scooters Closing Down
October, 2010

After Five years of operation, Fly Scooters in California is closing their doors. Leon and Daniel have seen their business shrink to the point that they can no longer sustain it. Unlike some of the distributors that have gone under, Fly had a good reputation for striving to bring good quality products for the price and strong support to their dealers. CLICK HERE or on the image for more information.

Commuter Challenge Kymco People 250 Kawasaki Ninja 250Commuter Challenge Report
October, 2010
After several months of riding, the results are in. Scooter vs. Motorcycle - a Kymco People 250 goes head to head with a Kawasaki Ninja 250 to see which machine is the better daily commuter. CLICK HERE or on the image to read the full report.

Scooter Races
October, 2010

Bob Hedstrom from Scooterville at the October 2010 scooter races in Cokato Minnesota

On Sunday, October 3rd 2010, There were scooter races at the Stockholm Motorsports Park in Cokato Minnesota (about an hour west of the Twin Cities). Local shop owners Marty (Go Moto) and Bob (Scooterville) participated. There was also a contingent of racers from Minneapolis Mopeds, and Jim from that group took the checkered flag! Yes, Matt from Crafty Planet, an experienced scooter racer, was beat by a 'ped. A good group of spectators made the drive out to cheer the racers on and it a truly great time.

BlueCat Motors New Location in St. Paul MinnesotaBlueCat Motors Moves
October, 2010

One of our favourite St. Paul shops, BlueCat Motors, has moved to a new location. They didn't move far (just a few blocks) but they are now in a stand-alone building with much better access. The new shop is located at 460 North Prior Avenue in St. Paul Minnesota 55104. The telephone number remains the same: 651-645-1172.

Review of the Vespa S 150ie by Jordana WhyteVespa S 150ie Review
September, 2010

Jordana strikes again! This time, she's been riding the new Vespa S 150ie with fuel injection. Jordana told me she was excited about doing this review because Vespas have always appealed to her. Let's see if this scooter could live up to the image Jordana had in her mind for Vespa...



Marty from GoMoto on a Fly Scout at AMCA Swap MeetAMCA Swap Meet via Scout
September, 2010

Marty from Go Moto went from the Twin Cities to Davenport Iowa on a Fly Scout to attend the Antique Motorcycle Club of America Fall National Swap Meet. The Scout performed quite well over 550 miles. Based on a design dating back to 1958, the Fly Scout certainly fit in at the gathering.


Review of the Kymco Like 200iKymco Like 200i Review
August, 2010

Fuel injection for scooters rules! Kymco recently introduced the Like 200i with a 163cc fuel injected engine. It starts easily, runs smoothly and accelerates quickly. Of course here in Minnesota we're thrilled to NOT have to drain a carburetor for winter storage of our scooters... Click on the image or HERE to read the review.



Scooter Racing in MinnesotaScooter Racing in Minnesota
August, 2010

I was at Scooterville in Minneapolis the other day and The Scorpion rep said that there was going to be scooter racing at the Stockholm Motorsports Park in Cokato Minnesota. Check out www.supermotomn.com for more information.

GoGo Gear Trench Jacket Review Jordana WhyteAt Last! Protective Apparel for Women that Looks Good
August, 2010

The intrepid Jordana adds another review to JustGottaScoot. This time it's the Trench Jacket from GoGo Gear. Designed to be both fashionable and protective, GoGo Gear is rapidly gaining a huge following. Jordana tried out the Trench Jacket. 

Jordana Whyte Reviews the HCI 15 HelmetJordana Reviews an HCI - 15 Helmet
August, 2010

Am I getting lazy? Do I think you're sick of hearing my opinions? Hmmm, probably a little of both. Jordana has been kind (foolish) enough to continue helping out with product and scooter reviews. She is an excellent writer and her opinions are always interesting. This time she tries out an HCI - 15 copter-style helmet.

Potential Issue with Benelli X50 Scooter Fuel Tanks
August, 2010

Benelli X50 Scooter Fuel Tank IssueJoel Martin at MRP says on his blog: In the recent months, several dealers and consumers have contacted MRP regarding a leaky gas tank on the 2008-2009 Benelli Andretti Pepe models in the USA, also known as the X50 BENELLI X50 OR QUATTRO NOVE. We have received enough questions and phone calls regarding this matter, that we felt it necessary to make this post, as there may be some dealers and consumers unaware that their gas tank is leaking. Therefore, in the interest of safety, we feel it is important for consumers and dealers alike to inspect the X50 models and make sure their tank is not leaking. To our knowledge, this is not an official warranty issue, nor has there been a recall issued by the distributors and/or the manufacturer.

Genuine Blur 220i ReviewGenuine Blur 220i Review
July, 2010

We've finally completed a review of the new Blur 220i from Genuine Scooters. The Blur was first brought to us in 2006 and has been out of Genuine's line-up since 2008. Now it's back with a bigger engine and fuel injection.


SYM Temporary Moratorium
July, 2010

CAUTION SYM Moratorium

California to Alaska on a 110cc Symba
June, 2010

Binh Cheung California to Alaska on a SymbaSmall displacement long-distance riding may seem completely odd to most North American riders, but we at JustGottaScoot applaud this sort of thing. Binh Cheung is in the process of riding a Symba from California to the Arctic Circle in Alaska. CLICK HERE to follow Binh Cheung's adventure in his own words.

Genuine Stella Four-Stroke Delayed by EPAJune 17th, 2010 - The much anticipated four-stroke (4T) Stella is here, in Chicago, but still NOT on the way to dealers. The scooters have been tagged by the EPA for "extensive" examination. Genuine Scooter Company has consistently been an industry leader in compliance and has helped bring fuel efficient, low emission vehicles to the USA market. They have always strictly followed the rules so far as certification is concerned UNLIKE the many fly-by-night scooter sellers who import containers of questionable-if-not-outright-illegal product. I'm sure you all join me in hoping that this hurdle is crossed quickly and Genuine is allowed to continue to bring us the high quality scooters they are known for.

The Scout from Fly Scooters is HERE!
June, 2010

The Scout from Fly ScootersIt's not on the way, it's not expected soon, it's here. The much anticipated Scout from Fly Scooters is at dealers. Marty from GoMoto just let us know that he has them in stock today.  Of course we have one on order and will be doing a long-term review of this machine.

BMW scooters in the future for the USA?BMW Scooters in Our Future?
June, 2010

BMW CEO Hendrik Von Kuenheim had this to say during an interview with Jeff Buchanan in American Motorcyclist magazine. "You call it the scooter market, and I call it the urban transportation market. Yes, BMW will enter this, and we will enter that market with more than just one model." The "market" being referred to is the US market. Do you suppose US commuters might start to see the light that has shone on the rest of the world and take to scooters for urban transport?


Review of the GEN-U-BIN Genuine Buddy scooter storage systemReview of the GEN-U-BIN Buddy Scooter Storage System - May, 2010

Designed and manufactured in the USA specifically for the Genuine Buddy scooter, the GEN-U-BIN storage system covers the stock open tray and adds a drink holder, flip-top compartment and a slot for a Bell brand drink holder. Installs in minutes (literally).


FINALLY - Safety Apparel That Looks GOOD
May, 2010

GoGo Gear Fashion AND SafetyGoGo Gear currently offers high-fashion jackets for women that integrate abrasion resistance, impact resistance, water resistance and high visibility reflective material in garments that look like they just stepped off the fashion runway. Check out our podcasts with GoGo Gear founder Alrene Battishill. GoGo Gear jackets will soon be available in the Twin Cities area at Scooterville

A Great New Scooter Lifestyle Website
April, 2010

SYMplify Life - A scooter lifestyle websitePete & Suzanne McIntosh have launched a great new website: www.symplifylife.com. They are focusing on scooter & motorcycle lifestyle news and events in the Midsouth United States. They plan to expand the site to include nationwide coverage. Many of you will know Pete from his work with SYM scooters and Carter Brothers. We applaud his efforts to spread the good word about scooters regardless of brand. Take a few minutes and check out his site.

Get a Buddy a Buddy Scooter
March, 2010

MPG Motors Get a Buddy a Buddy ScooterPat Yearick from MPG Motors in Sellersville Pennsylvania has come up with a great idea to help people out during these tough economic times. Click on the image to the left or HERE to read about his "Get a Buddy a Buddy Scooter" program. The Buddy will be awarded this May 29th.


Ride-to-Work Day
March, 2010

Ride To Work Day June 21st 2010This year national Ride To Work Day is on June 21st (usually in July) and we strongly encourage scooterists to take part in this event. You can visit the website at http://ridetowork.org/ for more information about getting your city to participate in this event. We firmly believes that people in the USA need to wake up to the many advantages of scooters as regular transportation and this event is one way to help spread that message.

Genuine Scooters Brings Back the BLUR!
March, 2010

 The Blur 150 was one of the best-handling machines on two wheels and may have been the best handling scooter out there.... until now. Genuine has brought the Blur back, this time with a 220cc fuel injected powerplant. They should be in dealers soon and we will be doing a side-by-side review with an "original" Blur 150 for comparison.

Genuine Stella 4-Stroke
February, 2010

Genuine Stella Four Stroke ScooterIt's official! The new Genuine Scooter Company Stella 4-stroke is going to be at Genuine dealers for the 2010 season. From Genuine: The regulatory folks at CARB passed her with flying colors...she averaged 30% of the available standards for CO, HC and the NOX composite! She's the cleanest scooter out there with a gentle carbon footprint and a really sexy look!

Now I can admit to having ridden one of these fine machines for quite some time this past season. If you are in the Twin Cities area and saw a husky (though remarkably handsome) old guy on a suspiciously quiet orange Stella riding all over town... it was me. Genuine was kind enough to ask me to put some miles on one and I was very pleased with the scooter.

At a time when other scooter importers are crying doom and despair, Genuine is stepping up to the plate to bring out new product to meet the needs (and wants) of scooterists. It goes without saying that I will be doing a review of the four-stroke Stella as soon as Minnesota weather permits.  

MPG Motors Presentation
November, 2009

MPG Motors Pat Yearick PresentationMPG Motors in Sellersville Pennsylvania recently held a clinic on operation and maintenance. Pat Yearick, the owner of MPG Motors, put together a very nice slideshow and audio presentation from the event and his it posted on his website. Click on the image to the left to go to the presentation.


Review of the Kymco Yager GT 200i
September, 2009

Review of the Kymco Yager GT 200iThe perfect urban commuter for the USA market? Featuring a 175cc liquid-cooled and fuel-injected powerplant, the new Kymco Yager GT 200i is certainly a contender for the title of "ultimate commuter." Click on the graphic to read the full review including a side-by-side comparison with the SYM HD200.


Saint Paul Minnesota Parking

Saint Paul Downtown Motorcycle and Scooter ParkingThe city of Saint Paul in Minnesota has launched a pilot program for motorcycle (and scooter) parking in downtown St. Paul. CLICK HERE or on the image to the left to open an Adobe Acrobat file showing a map of the two pilot locations. Hopefully, this program will continue to grow and become an example to other metropolitan areas. Thanks to Andrew Hine for the map.


Our First Mainland Chinese Scooter Review
July, 2009

CFMoto Glory Scooter ReviewYes, I know, I'm one of those people who have been telling you to stay away from scooters manufactured in mainland China. OK, maybe not. I reviewed the CFMoto Glory which is a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 150cc scooter made in China and it performed quite well.



"Goodbye" to Vectrix?
July, 2009

Vectrix preparing for bankruptcyIt certainly appears that the Vectrix scooter is no more. The company website is down and all but a skeleton staff of employees have been laid off. This is a truly unfortunate situation. The Vectrix was an exceptional zero emissions vehicle, but apparently the buying public was not yet ready to take to these in sufficient numbers to support the company. A smaller USA-based company is continuing to try and bring viable electric scooters to the public at Current Motors.

SYM Symba Review
July, 2009

Review of the SYM Symba Honda Cub-inspired ScooterThere has been a great deal of excitement around the SYM Symba. It has been reviewed by other websites, but JustGottaScoot has been waiting for accessories to be available for the Symba. The stock seat configuration was an issue during our review and now we are thrilled to say that a VERY NICE bench seat is available that solves addresses those issues. Get to your local SYM dealer and check out the Symba today!


SYM CityCom 300i Review
July, 2009

Review of the SYM CityCom 300iThe ultimate modern urban commuter? You'll have to read the review to find out.




Sachs MadAss 50cc Review
June, 2009

Review of the Sachs MadAss 50ccWe have started on a three-part review of the Sachs MadAss 50cc minimalist motorbike. My nephew Avery has purchased one, and we will begin with a review of the stock machine. Next we will follow Avery as he adds considerable performance upgrades to the engine. Then we will re-review the bike with the enhanced engine performance completed.


Visit Our Symba Page
June, 2009

The Just Gotta Scoot SYMBA PageIt's HERE! The much anticipated Symba (aka Wowow) is at USA SYM dealers. Based on the design of the classic Honda Cub and adding decades of Taiwanese engineering, the Symba is an outstanding "do-everything" vehicle that has proven itself all over the globe. Click on the image to the left to jump to our dedicated Symba page. We were fortunate enough to have one for several days and a full review will be published here very soon.


Fly Scooters & Rider Rescue
May, 2009

Fly Scooters Rider RescueFly Scooters is excited to announce that they have partnered with Rider Rescue to offer roadside assistance to customers who purchase a 2009 Fly scooter. Fly Scooters recognized that in these turbulent economic times, people are seeking purchases they can be confident about. Offering roadside assistance will help provide peace of mind for purchasers of their products.  

Review of the Genuine Rattler 110 2-Stroke Scooter

Review of the Genuine Rattler 110 2-Stroke ScooterWe have been trying to get a Genuine Rattler 110 for review for some time now. In a way, this is a combination review because we own a Rattler 50 (modified with 70cc kit and other goodies) and have had a lot of time to find out about the basic Rattler platform. The Rattler 50 is no longer offered by Genuine, having been replaced by the very capable RoughHouse 50. Click on the image to read the review.


Review of the NEW Genuine Buddy BlackJack

CLICK HERE to read the Genuine Buddy Black Jack ReviewThis is our first review of the Buddy BlackJack from Genuine Scooters. We will be adding to this review with comments from other riders, reports on accessories, and other items. There will also be regular updates as this is a long-term review. We will be reporting on maintenance and any issues that might crop up over time. 



Scooter-Themed Art in the Twin Cities

Vist the Los Vesparados WebsiteLos Vesparados: The Art of the Scooter will premiere on June 13th, 2009 at the Northrup King Building located at 1500 Jackson Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.



Fly Scooters Now Available in the Twin Cities
March 2009

GoMoto CF Moto, CPI and Fly ScootersMarty from GoMoto just let me know that he has received his first shipment of Fly Scooters. GoMoto is located in the Northwest Twin Cities area and is locally known as the premiere CF Moto dealer. GoMoto is also the local CPI dealer and expects to have those fine scooters (including the GTR) very soon.

JustGottaScoot Visits Fly/CPI in California
February 2009

CLICK HERE for the CPI GTR Scooter ReviewJust got back in the office from a week in California that included an extended visit to Daniel, Leon and the gang at Fly in Oakland. I had the opportunity to ride several scooters from Fly as well as the new offerings from CPI of Taiwan. I put well over 100 miles on the CPI GTR180 and have completed a full review (the first review of the 2009 season).

SHAD topcase for Genuine Scooters in Red               SHAD topcase for Kymco Scooters in Blue

SHAD Adds Genuine & KYMCO Color-matched Options
Michael Schuiten from Binetto Group (SHAD in the USA) just let us know that they have developed more color-matched options for scooterists. These include red, green and blue that match the Genuine Scooter Company Buddy International series as well as red and blue that match KYMCO scooter colors. We applaud SHAD and Binetto for paying attention to the requests of scooter owners and responding with products that are scooter-specific!

Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor Website
Yes, another cool site devoted to scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, just about anything with two wheels and a motor. Several Twin Cities locals have gotten together and started with some podcasts to spread the word: It doesn't matter WHAT you ride as long as you ride.


BIG News from Fly Scooters

Fly Scooters announced that they are partnering with CPI of Taiwan. I consider this a big deal because it brings all four main Taiwanese manufacturers to the USA (Kymco, SYM, PGO/Genuine, and now CPI). You can listen to the podcast announcing the CPI partnership HERE, or visit our Fly Scooter Page.

What's the deal with turn signals?

OK, I was wrong. I have said that the "added on" front turn signals on the Genuine Buddy, SYM Fiddle II, and numerous other scooters were placed there to meet the federal height requirement for front turn signals. Turns out I should have looked it up first as they are there to meet the federal width requirement for front turn signals. And I quote:

(f) Turn signals. Each motorcycle manufactured on or after January 1, 1973 shall be equipped with front and rear turn signal lamps. Front turn signal lamps shall be amber mounted at or near the front of the motorcycle on each side of the vertical center line at the same height and shall have a minimum horizontal separation distance (measured from center of lamps) of 16 inches. Minimum edge to edge separation distance between turn signal lamp and head lamp shall be four inches. Rear turn signals shall be red or amber mounted on each side of the vertical center line at the same height and having a minimum horizontal separation distance (measured from center of lamps) of nine inches. All turn signal lamps shall be mounted at a height from the road surface of not less than 15 inches nor more than 83 inches. Turn signal lamps shall flash at a rate of 60 to 120 flashes per minute. The turn signal lamp activating control shall be positioned so as to be operated without removing the hand from the handlebar and shall properly indicate right and left when so switched. Turn signal lamps shall be visible at a distance of 200 feet under normal daylight conditions. Every motorcycle shall be equipped with a device to permit the front and rear directional signals to flash simultaneously if originally equipped by the manufacturer.

RandMcNally Introduces NEW Map with a Genuine Buddy Contest

Imagine a city map that is tear-proof, wrinkle-proof and water-proof! Just crumble it up, hop on your scooter and go. Rand McNally's new FabMAP is a very cool fabric city map that is ideal for scooterists. They are introducing this new product through a contest to win a Genuine Buddy scooter.

Vectrix Sales Up 156%

CLICK HERE to visit the Vectrix websiteVectrix sold 1,184 scooters during its fiscal year ended September of 2008, a 156% increase compared to the 462 bikes sold during the previous year. For the coming year, Vectrix is introducing an expanded product family. The flagship scooter will be called the Vx1 and will be a refreshed version of the current Vectrix model. A new model, the Vx1e will be introduced in 2009 that uses the same platform as the Vx1, but features a lower price with slightly less acceleration and top speed. For the summer of 2009, the Vx2 will be introduced. The entry-level Vx2 will be smaller and more compact electric scooter.

More Midwestern Scooter Talk

Check out Harvey Binder's blog at: http://midwestscooterenthusiast.blogspot.com/ Harvey lives in the St. Cloud area of Minnesota and calls his blog "Tales of a Midwest Scooter Enthusiast."

CLICK HERE to read the SYM Fiddle 2 review

Jacket Review

CLICK HERE to read Stephen Heller's Vega Nitro jacket review

Yes, we're trying to do more than just review scooters. Stephen Heller who writes "Random Scootering" for Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly provided a review of the Vega Nitro jacket. CLICK HERE of on the image above to read his review.

Scooter Quest 2008

CLICK HERE to visit the Scooter Quest 2008 website

With Americans now spending upwards of $5 per gallon for a tank of gas, something has to give. Unfortunately some Americans are choosing to give up their freedom to travel in order to save a few bucks. But it doesn't have to be that way. Enter Scooter Quest 2008.

It's an educational adventure from Minnesota to New York City, entirely on fuel efficient scooters. We'll be burning rubber for a good cause, spreading the news that scooters are a fun and easy way to get where you want to go, without forking out a lot of cash. "By coming together on the road we hope to show the rest of the United States that each of us can make a difference.

CLICK HERE or on the image above to visit the Scooter Quest website.

21,000+ Miles on a Genuine Buddy

CLICK HERE to read the story of Angie

Angie (aka Bonegirl) rides a LOT. Click on the image above to read her story.

First Accessory Review - SHAD Topcase

CLICK HERE for the SHAD Topcase Review

One of the most frequently added scooter accessories is additional storage space. The SHAD topcase, made in Europe, is wonderfully practical and of excellent quality. Click on the image above to read the review.

Review of the Kymco People 150

CLICK HERE to read the Kymco People 150 review

Something a little different - we review a 2006 scooter with over 5000km on it. It's pretty much the same specifications as the 2008 model, but how well do these scooters hold up? Click on the image above to read the review.

SHAD is back in the USA!

CLICK HERE to visit the Binetto website SHAD distributors   SHAD and Binetto at 2008 Amerivespa

SHAD topcases are one of my favourite scooter accessories. They were getting a little scarce here in the USA market, but now Binetto Powersports Accessories has them. Click on the image above to visit the Binetto website. Check with your local dealer - if they don't carry SHAD, ask them to.

Review of the Vectrix ALL-Electric Scooter

CLICK HERE to read the Vectrix All-Electric Scooter review

Wow! An ALL-ELECTRIC scooter that will do 65 Miles-Per-Hour and costs less than a penny a mile to operate. The new Vectrix is really something, click on the graphic above to read the review

Review of the Genuine Buddy 150

CLICK HERE to read the Genuine Buddy 150 Review

Genuine Scooter Company has another "hit" on their hands with the new Buddy International series in 150 cc. We spent some time with a St. Tropez Buddy and compared it to a first generation Buddy 125. Click on the graphic above to read the review.

Review of the SYM Mio - My New Favourite 4-Stroke 50cc Scooter

CLICK HERE to read the SYM Mio scooter review

I have a new favourite 50cc 4-stroke scooter - the SYM Mio! It's quick (four a 4-stroke 50) a bunch of fun to ride and just do darn cute. Click on the image above to read the full review.

First Review of 2008

CLICK HERE to read the SYM RV250 scooter review

The snow has finally melted (for the season.... this time) and that means it's scooter review time here at JustGottaScoot. We begin the season with the SYM RV-250. Click on the image above to read the review.

Check Out Our New "Brand" Pages

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Oh yes, if I had my way this entire website interface would be one giant database driven page. You'd just enter in what you were looking for and the appropriate material would pop up. Man.... I am SUCH a dorky engineer. Click on the images above to jump to our Genuine Scooter Company or SYM pages. I will be adding others in the future to organize the presentation our content based on brand.

2008 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis

CLICK HERE to view the photo slideshow from the 2008 Dealer Expo            CLICK HERE to listen to Bob Hedstrom's reposrt from the 2008 Dealer Expo

"The largest business-to-business trade event for the powersports industry in the world" (according to their website) was held February 15th - 18th, 2008, in Indianapolis. I had hoped to attend, but conflicts with my "day job" prevented it. Bob Hedstrom, the owner of Scooterville, did go, and he was kind enough to share his thoughts on the show, as well as some pictures. Click on the image to the upper left to see the slideshow. It's a fairly large Adobe™ file (over 2MB) so it may take a minute to load. Click on the image to the upper right to listen to the podcast report from the Dealer Expo.

More Responses on Yamaha Morphous Windscreens

CLICK HERE for more information on Yamaha Morphous windscreens

Just Gotta Scoot's Podcasts in the News

Minnesota Motorcycle MonthlyAcknowledged as one of the best regional motorcycle publications in the nation, Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly has mentioned the JustGottaScoot podcasts several times in Stephen Heller's Random Scootering section.



Urban Moto Americ'as Number One Guerrilla Moto MagazineUrban Moto is a West Coast publication and America's number one Guerrilla Moto magazine. In the December 2007 issue, Karryll Nason's Scooter-Phile included the following mention of the JustGottaScoot podcasts:


Scooter World MagazineEven the national press is noticing the podcasts. The December 2007/January 2008 issue of ScooterWorld has a feature article about the podcasts and even a photo (one the cover no less) taken from a live podcast at Scooterville in Minneapolis Minnesota. I am completely shocked (and thrilled) that there is this much interest in the show.

Bob Hedstrom of Scooterville and Dave Harrington of JustGottaScoot

Summit Brewery The Social Element Scooter GroupTwin Cities area scooter group featured on Summit Brewery's "The Social Element"

In early November of 2007, the Heck's Angeles scooter group held a ride that was video-taped but Summit Brewery for their "The Social Element" website. The ride was a blast, with about 20 riders expected, it was a thrill to have over 30 show up. The All Mod Cons scooter club graciously offered to block for the ride. As Summit Brewery is a St. Paul company, I was asked to lead the ride through St. Paul.

Click on the image or go to www.thesocialelement.com and play video clip number 43.

Scooter Variator in ActionHow a Variator Works

So how does that CVT automatic transmission in a scooter work? This is a very good explanation of the mechanics of the variator - well worth a read. OK, the animated *.GIF file is pretty cool as well.

Understanding the principles behind the CVT will help when considering changes to this part of your scooter. As a general rule, the roller weights selected by the manufacturer will provide the best balance of acceleration and top speed for the scooter. Changing the size of the roller weights can result in performance improvements, but usually this will happen at the sacrifice of either acceleration or top end (more off-the-line acceleration means less top speed).

Moped Parking in Downtown Saint Paul Minnesota

CLICK HERE to open the Adobe Acrobat Bike Rack Document

Marc, a local scooterist, invested a fair amount of time and research in finding LEGAL bike rack parking in St. Paul Minnesota. He contacted the police and verified that it is LEGAL to park your scooter WITH MOPED PLATES in bike racks. He even got a map of bike racks in St. Paul. CLICK HERE or on the image above to open the Adobe Acrobat™ file with the map. A big "Thank You" to Marc for the leg-work.

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