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New Zealand Classic Scooter Club Rally 2016   Scooterfile.com with Nathaniel Salzmen GPS and Tires for Scooters with Bob Hedstrom of Scooterville
Just Gotta Scoot presents LIVE podcasts about scooter and, yes, even motorcycles. Some episodes are recorded LIVE on Fridays at 3:30 PM Central Time on TalkShoe. Other episodes are recorded at scooter events. We invite you to join in live, or just listen. Past episodes are available to download or listen to.

Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor Website
Yes, another cool site devoted to scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, just about anything with two wheels and a motor. Several Twin Cities locals have gotten together and started with some podcasts to spread the word: It doesn't matter WHAT you ride as long as you ride.

CLICK HERE to visit the Two Wheels and a Motor website

Archive of Past Episodes of 'Just Gotta Scoot'

Archive of Just Gotta Scoot Podcasts            

Please click on the links below to listen to past episodes

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More Individual Scooter Stories

Past Episodes:

New Zealand Classic Scooter Club Rally 2016

Scooterfile.com with Nathaniel Salzman

GPS For Scooters and Scooter Tires with Bob Hedstrom

Kemy Joseph and the Genuine World Kindness Tour

Genuine Scooters and the 2012 Scooter Season

2011 - A look back at the year in Scooters

The 2011 Scooter Models and  Prices

Bonegirl & Peabody from ModernBuddy.com join Philip from Genuine Scooters

Ice Sliding School - Really, we're NOT making this up

The Minneapolis Mopeds Group

Flat Track Racing/Riding School

The 2010 Scooter Races in Cokato Minnesota

Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor at Donny Dirk's Zombie Den, Rattle My Bones Scooter Rally

The Motor-Scooter International Land-Speed Federation with Alan Spears

The 2010 Scooter Season Report

Fuel Injection vs. Carburetion for Scooters & Motorcycles

Minneapolis Mopeds at Hell's Kitchen Part Two

Minneapolis Mopeds at Hell's Kitchen Part One

GoGo Gear with Arlene Battishill & Jordana Whyte Part Two

GoGo Gear with Arlene Battishill & Jordana Whyte Part One

What's New from SYM for 2010 - With Pete McIntosh & Robert Belmont

Genuine Scooters for 2010 - With Philip McCaleb

Jordana's Story - Scooting St. Paul on Her Buddy St. Tropez

2010 - Predictions for the Coming Year

The 2009 Scooter Season - What Happened?

Michael Green & Laurie Gathje from Hell's Kitchen - Courthouse Touring

Scott Shelerud live from Hell's Kitchen - Riding Around Minnesota

Salt Flats - CT of TWAAM Talks About Bonneville

Pizza Luce Run - Duluth to St. Paul to Minneapolis

Summer 2009 Part Two - Rattle My Bones Scooter Rally, Wendy's Story

Summer 2009 Part One - Mods vs Rockers, Bearded Lady, Racing

Liquid-Cooled Scooters & Small Displacement Motorcycles

Coming Up SOON - Bearded Lady , Saturday, July 5th, 2009

Scooter Commuting

Joel Martin from MRP talks about the scooter business in 2009

Los Vesparados - Scooter Art in the Twin Cities

Current Motors NEW Electric Scooter

Questions From Listeners with Bob Hedstrom

The New SYMBA Scooter

Joanne Donn the "Gear Chic"

Philip McCaleb gives us an update on Genuine and ScooterWorks

Two-Wheels-And-A-Motor: Twin Cities Rider Events

Genevieve Schmitt & Scooter Riders Now

Two-Wheels-and-a-Motor: The Grumpy's Ride

Second Car or Scooter?

Twin Cities Scooter Rally

Long Distance Riding - Part Two, The Stories

Tuscany Italy by Vespa in 9 Days - with Vaughan Pederson

What Do Scooters Cost? - 2009 Edition

Long Distance Riding - Part One

Big Wheels/Small Displacement - Honda Cub & SMYBA w/Nate Dahl

Two Wheels and a Motor - All Female Panel 2

Two Wheels and a Motor - The Christmas Show

BIG News from Fly Scooters

What's New for 2009 from Fly Scooters

Two Wheels and a Motor - Thanksgiving Show

What's New for 2009 from SYM & Cannonball Run

Two Wheels and a Motor - The Future of Cycles & Scooters

Care & Feeding of Your New Scooter

Two Wheels and a Motor - Female Rider Panel

Sean Cummings of ScooterWorks Direct

Rattle My Bones Scooter Rally Report

Two Wheels and a Motor - New vs. Vintage

So, You Want to Open a Scooter Shop - Part 2

Grab-Ass Garage, 2-Wheels-and-a-Motor Panel Talk Show

So, You Want to Open a Scooter Shop - Part 1

The Bearded Lady Motorcycle & Scooter Freak Show

NEW scooters from SYM with Pete McIntosh & Robert Belmont

Peace Scooter with Alix Bryan

SHAD - One of My Favourite Scooter Accessories

John Harding of Revolution Electric Vehicles

Grab Ass Garage - Scooterists, Jameson, Microphones

$4.00 per Gallon Fuel & The Scooter BOOM

Chuck Schram & the Vectrix ALL-Electric Scooter

The Bearded Lady Event with CT & Pooter

Fly Scooters with Leon and Daniel

Performance Upgrades for Your Scooter

Kent Aldrich Talks About the Upcoming Rattle My Bones Scooter Rally

Kevin Miller of CFMoto & Joel Martin Talk About the Miami Motorcycle Show

Which Scooter Group/Club is Right for Me?

Joel Martin of MRP talks Scooters

New Riders - Getting That First Scooter

More Scooter Questions from Listeners

What's New from Genuine for 2008 with Philip McCaleb

What's New from SYM for 2008 with Pete McIntosh

Report from the 2008 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis

The Moped Question

ItalJet Returns to the USA with Steve Guzman

The Cabin Fever Scooter Rally

2008 - What's Coming Up for Scooters

The 2007 "Scooting" Review

Minnesota Scooting..... In January???

High Visibility - Being Seen on Your Scooter

Hyosung Scooters with Pat Yearick of MPG Motors

Scooter Safety and Some Alarming Statistics

Matt from ScooterTrap talks about Maxi-Scooters

Stephan of Scooter Station in Portland Oregon

Steve Guzman of The Scooter Scoop

Scoot! Magazine with April Whitney

The Genuine Scooter Company Story with Philip McCaleb Part Two

Live from the NEW Scooterville Location

The Genuine Scooter Company Story with Philip McCaleb Part One

The ScooterWorks Story with Philip McCaleb Part Two

The ScooterWorks Story with Philip McCaleb Part One

Blue Cat Garage - With Aaron Scott

Three-Wheeled Scooting

Report on the Rattle My Bones Scooter Rally

Upcoming Twin Cities Scooter Rally

More Scooter Questions From Listeners

What's Under Your Seat? - Stuff to Have When Riding Your Scooter

The Group Scooter Ride

Maxi Madness - Big Scooters or Automatic Motorcycles?

Rattle My Bones Rally Info with Kent Aldrich

Scooter Safety

Scooter Economics

Scooter Questions From Listeners

Scooter Accessories

What Scooter Should I Buy?

Cheap Scooters From Non-Dealers

How Much Do Scooters Cost?

The Story of Scooterville Part Two with Bob Hedstrom

The Story of Scooterville with Bob Hedstrom

Scooter Touring with Dave Marquis

Honda History

Ducati History with Avery Harrington

Lambretta History with Dave Lee

Vespa History

Scooter History Before WWII

Introduction to Just Gotta Scoot


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