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Route 66 Modern Classic Los Angeles California

Glen Alan Bartels (the owner of Route 66 Modern Classics) comes from a family of motorcycle enthusiasts who have been in the Harley business for many decades. That's OK, we can deal with that, because Glen is ALSO a scooter guy. His shop, located in Marina Del Ray California, is home to vintage scooters as well as new Genuines. They count several celebrities as clients and have been a driving force behind the scooter community in the LA area.

Apparently, Harley Davidson mixes well with scooters, check out this awesome Genuine 4-stroke Stella with some Harley accessories:

Genuine Steela 4-stroke Customized by Route 66 Modern Classics


4161 Lincoln Blvd.
Marina Del Ray, CA 90292



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Last modified: August 09, 2017