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From Scooterville's 2012 Cabin Fever Event:


Scooterville TV!

Check it out, Bob Hedstrom's scooter winterization clinic (in two parts)



Bob Hedstrom goes over basic Stella maintenance (in four parts)





Bob Hedstrom from Scooterville at the October 2010 scooter races in Cokato Minnesota

On Sunday, October 3rd 2010, There were scooter races at the Stockholm Motorsports Park in Cokato Minnesota (about an hour west of the Twin Cities). Local shop owners Marty (Go Moto) and Bob (Scooterville) participated. There was also a contingent of racers from Minneapolis Mopeds, and Jim from that group took the checkered flag! Yes, Matt from Crafty Planet, an experienced scooter racer, was beat by a 'ped. A good group of spectators made the drive out to cheer the racers on and it a truly great time.

Kymco People 50 Genuine Buddy 50 Kymco Like 50 Vespa ET2How Fast?

On Saturday, October 17th, 2009, Bob Hedstrom of SCOOTERVILLE must have been feeling a little antsy. He mooched a small GPS unit with a wrist strap from his Service Manager (Stephen Heller)  and gathered together a bunch of 50cc scooters. They were 2-stroke scooters that had been de-restricted, but otherwise unmodified. In Minnesota, a scooter can get a "moped" license plate if it is 50cc, 2 horsepower, and restricted to 30MPH on a level surface. If the scooter is de-restricted, it must be licensed as a motorcycle. So how much faster than 30 MPH will a de-restricted 50cc 20stroke go? As a base point, Bob tested his wife's Kymco People 50. This is an older model that has a fair number of miles on it and it's one of Bob's favourite 50cc scooters. He also tested a new Kymco People 50 which has a slightly different engine configuration from the older model. Of course a Genuine Buddy 50 was included in the mix as this is Scooterville's best-selling 50cc scooter. The new for 2010 Kymco Like 50 was tested and an older Vespa ET2 (the newer Vespa LX 50 is a 4-stroke) was checked out. Just for comparison (and because one was just sitting there) a Honda Ruckus 4-stroke was also tested.

Kymco People 50 (Older) - 38.7 MPH
Kymco People 50 (Newer) - 36.7 MPH
Genuine Buddy 50 - 40.2 MPH
Kymco Like 50 - 36.1 MPH
Vespa ET2 - 40.7 MPH
Honda Ruckus 4-stroke 50 - 34.5 MPH

Bob Hedstrom of Scooterville on 50cc ScootersThese are the GPS numbers and in most every case the speedometer on the scooter indicated a faster speed than the scooter was actually going. Typically about 10% faster (the Buddy indicated 45 MPH with actual speed of 40MPH). The Honda Ruckus speedometer was very close to accurate as compared with the GPS.


Who Says Scooter Shop Owners Never Get To Ride!

Bob Hedstrom made it to the Hecks Angles ride on Sunday, November 11th. That's right... NOVEMBER 11th.... in Minnesota. It was over 60 degrees and sunny. The ride was video taped by Summit Brewery for their "The Element of Life" site. Check back, we'll post a link as soon as the video is online.

Apparently.... Even Philip McCaleb of Genuine Scooter Company Gets to "Just Ride" Sometimes

 Yes.....I ride Stella #1 prototype when I need to feel the gears and hear the noise...and I have ridden a series Italia buddy most of the summer putting a few hundred miles on it!
I attend Amerivespa, and normally make it to the Denver and Minneapolis yearly rallies-'cause I am still a passionate scooterist and rider and because I have to see my best "buddy" in the business-BOB HEDSTROM.
There isn't a nicer guy in the business---anywhere!

*Little known fact: I ALWAYS wear a helmet because I almost died in 1994 after suffering a near-fatal head injury flying off a.....yep.a.SCOOTER!
That head injury gets blamed for my warped idea about starting a scooter company.


From Philip via e-mail

We Don't Usually Do This...

I am not in the habit of giving out endorsements and certainly not "unrestricted" ones. That being said, I can, without any hesitation, recommend doing business with Bob Hedstrom of Scooterville, here in Minnesota. I work with a LOT of businesses (see me at my "day" job: www.HarringtonBusinessGroup.com ) and not only does Scooterville have an excellent selection of products, Bob is a joy to work with. 

Scooterville, 904 - 19th Ave So, Minneapolis, MN 55404, 612-331-7266

CLICK HERE to Visit the Scooterville Website


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